In the recent builds Flash, we have witnessed a notable performance improvement in particular related to the hardware acceleration. But despite these performance improvements flash performance can be quite taxing for the older hardware. These older PCs usually struggle to play many flash games, applications built in flash and even many flash heavy sites cause trouble when loaded on low end systems. There is really not much we can do expect to upgrade the hardware i.e. processor, RAM or the entire PC. However, if you are using the Firefox to play the flash games/apps or browsing the flash heavy websites Read More >


Mozilla has recently released the Firefox 8.0 final version and the number of changes as compared to the previous version are minimal at best. One of highly demanded features that Firefox users have been asking for a long time is the official support for 64-bit builds of the Firefox. Unfortunately, we didn’t get it yet – not even with the recent release of the Firefox 8.0. Firefox 9.0 is not expected to get this 64-bit support either. It seems from some reports that Firefox 10 might be the release when Mozilla will finally add the support for 64-bit builds. Situation Read More >


As we have seen from past couple of releases Mozilla rapid release cycle for pushing out new browser versions of its popular Firefox web browser is in full swing. This trend continues as now Mozilla has just pushed the Firefox 7 out of the window. But if its worth to download and install the new Firefox 7 you might ask! Well, according to the Mozilla release notes there are indeed some major improvements in this version as compared to the Firefox 6. This is in contrast to the previous releases namely Firefox 5 and 6 which were only incremental improvements Read More >


As expected, after running the Firefox 6 for some time through the beta channel Mozilla has finally pushed the final version of the browser through the FTP servers. I have been using the Firefox 6.o through the beta channel for quite some time. One of the most noticeable improvements that you will experience as a user is the startup/boot speed that has been significantly enhanced. As a result it takes much less time for the Firefox 6.0 to boot from a cold start. Also, due to the internal optimizations by the Mozilla team and filling-in some memory leak holes memory Read More >


These days all the fuzz is about the Google+ a new social service in the same vein as Facebook. Although it has been just recently introduced, and for now seems to be available based on the invitations only, but it has already gained some following as some consider this to be more adoptable and usable for them than the Facebook. In any case competition is always good as now Facebook is also feeling the heat and has just recently introduced voice conversation facility right from the Facebook interface with the collaboration with Skype. However, with all the effort that Facebook Read More >


After the release of the long awaited Firefox 4 Mozilla has really pushed the full throttle button on the development of new versions of the Firefox. Soon afterwards Mozilla released the Firefox 5 which was more of an incremental improvement over the Firefox 4. And just recently Firefox 6 has entered the beta stage. Furthermore Mozilla has updated the Aurora channel to Firefox 7. Which basically means alpha versions of the browser that has gone through minimal testing. And finally there are now nightly builds of Firefox 8 available that you might want to try if you really want to Read More >

Tabs Always In Titlebar

One of the focus areas for many developers in the recent times for almost all of the major web browsers has been to find ways to minimize the use of vertical space that has traditionally been cluttered by the toolbars, bookmark bars, address bar and so on. Internet Explorer 9 is the recent example, just observe that how minimalistic is the GUI to maximize the vertical space available to show the currently open webpage. Firefox has also been following on the footsteps. In fact, in Firefox you can always customize the GUI and strip-off or move around some of the Read More >


Firefox 5 has been released ahead of the schedule and final version of this popular browser can be download right now. Firefox 5 includes a number of incremental enhancements as compared to the Firefox 4.  Some of the new features include the CSS animations support, Do-Not-Track header preference that has been moved  to the privacy section for increased visibility. Another notable thing is Firefox development channel switcher that has been introduced in previous Firefox beta has been now removed. Probably it wasn’t that much utilized by users anyway. Most of the changes are actually lying under the hood, for example Read More >


Firefox Plumber is an interesting new application that claims to fix the memory leak issues that Firefox is historically famous for. Although, with each new upcoming version Mozilla has improved the memory management of the browser and less and less bugs remain there. However, even if you use the latest Firefox 4 and make heavy use of it by opening many tabs with multimedia rich content and for sure after say an hour memory consumption shoots to 500MB or even more. This is particularly true if you happen to use a lot extensions like me to customize different aspects of Read More >


Speed Dial is one of the many useful features included in the Google Chrome apart from it’s lightening fast startup and page rendering speed. However, I do feel that it is not as customizable as Firefox to a users preferences. In particular, many of the Google Chrome features (or of any other web browser) can be included in Firefox using 3rd party Firefox extensions. Take an example of the Chrome’s speed dial feature for today, it is one of the most touted and of course useful features of that browser. But you can get the same functionality in Firefox using Read More >

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