Microsoft might be still struggling to keep up in a mobile OS market which is currently being dominated by iOS and Android. But it there is no denying that in desktop arena Microsoft is still THE leader with a massive user base for the Windows based operating systems. I think one of the major reasons for this has to do with the absolutely huge collection of software (both freeware and paid) that is available for the Windows OS in almost any software category you can think of. This leads to more choices for the users based on the preference in Read More >


Xbox and Xbox 360 users who have the ISO images saved for the purchased games might want to burn these images to DVDs to play games on their respective console. Of course, there are already some very nice CD/DVD burning tools available such as the free ImgBurn and Infra Recorder that can be used to burn game ISO images for both Xbox and Xbox 360. But the problem is most of these tools are more general purpose and can be very complicated for the new users. As a result probability of burning a faulty DVD is high. A tool called Read More >


Microsoft Visio is one of the most popular dedicated software to create diagrams, UML diagrams, entity relationship diagrams, network diagrams and flowcharts etc. However it is a commercial software that is not available for free. Dia is a freeware alternative to the Visio that has many of the capabilities of the MS Visio and can be used to achieve the same results as MS Visio if used creatively for creating network diagrams, flowcharts and many other kind of network diagrams. It supports many popular formats for diagrams import and export such as EPS, PNG, WMF and SVG formats. New shapes Read More >


Dropbox is an extremely popular data backup and synchronization service that is adopted by its users mostly because of its simplicity and performance. But as with any other online storage service you can never be sure about the privacy of data that you are putting in there (despite what the company claims). I know that many of these services does offer enhanced encryption when transferring the data from your computer to the cloud and some even store it on their servers in the encrypted form. This way they avoid the eavesdropping from another third party but what if the service Read More >

Dropbox vs. SugarSync

These days use of online cloud storage for data backup and online syncing services is becoming very popular and many startup companies are providing very promising and cost effective solutions to the users to save and sync their critical data through online services. One of the most famous such services these days is Dropbox and we have already talked about it here in different contexts. Market for online data synchronization services to keep all of your computers as well mobile devices synchronized is heating up and some new contenders are entering the market. One of the most promising from them Read More >

I have already written on how to modify PDF documents (add comments, notes, highlight text and stamp etc.) but what if you want to simply explode a PDF document (split each page of the PDF file in to separate PDF file), collate/combine, split or rotate documents? A good scenario could be for example when removing advertisement pages from a PDF magazine for example or you may want to combine a number of related PDF documents in to one. And what if you want to password protect the document? There are numerous other scenarios where a utility might be helpful that Read More >

Not everyone likes the window’s built-in lean and mean image file viewing/previewing feature like me. It may serve the purpose if you are viewing only a few graphics files and not need much control over the viewing aspects or the details of the graphics files. But what if you want to view a large number of files, manage them, perform some image enhancement operations or simply want to view some exotic formats such as eps, pic, pix,psd etc. ? To have all the above mentioned features and many others you will need a third-party graphics viewer/converter. Probably the most famous Read More >

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