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iPhone 4S-

As we all know that iPhone 4S introduction was a rather incremental release than a revolutionary one. However, from a high level iPhone 4S did include include two major features (from a hardware perspective) that sets it apart from the last gen iPhone 4. One of them is new significantly improved camera and another of course is the inclusion of major speed bump by the integration of the A5 SoC inherited from the iPad 2. We will talk about the performance and features of the A5 chip in an upcoming article but for now I want to draw your attention Read More >

Black Drive Backup

We have reviewed a lot of backup Cydia apps in the past to make a backup copy of your iOS device such as iPhone that you can use later on to restore in case of some miss happening. Of course, a user can simply use the iTunes backup features to backup the data of his iPhone. However, there are some limitations for example, currently you cannot sync an iOS device with more than one iTunes installation (one computer). Even more importantly what if you have jailbroken your iPhone and installed a lot of cool Cydia tweaks. In that case, iTunes Read More >

iOS 5 Notification Center

In the past we had a detailed article about the new and exciting features in iOS 5. One of the major new features that we mentioned was the new Notification Centre that houses all the messages/notifications such as calls, sms etc. that you can check at any later time. As many have already noticed, Notification Centre also shows all new widgets developed by Apple specifically for the iOS 5 namely weather and stock widgets. Soon after the release of the iOS 5 beta, we were expecting that jailbreak community will move ahead and bring us the new customized 3rd party Read More >


List of available Cydia apps for the Jailbroken iOS devices is growing by leaps and bounds in the recent time. These days you can find a Cydia tweak for literally for any modification you can imagine for your iOS device. And then apart from the free Apps there are also many paid Cydia apps available for which you have to pay but usually provides more refined functionality or control. In the past, we have covered a lot Cydia apps ranging from the typical Springboard mods, camera app tweaks, folder tweaks to more recently the iOS 5 notification center widgets. Recently, Read More >


This year’s E3 was one of the greatest I think. We have seen some really exciting games coming on all major platforms. Even more impressive is the fact that most of the games that I think most interesting are also coming to the PC as well. So, this time PC is not ignored as much by the developers as I expected. Not to mention the announcements regarding the next-gen hardware from Nintendo as well as Sony. But that is a story for another day. Today is finally the last day of E3. I believe, I have seen all the best Read More >


Firefox has a long history of being one of the slower internet browsers around. I mean, most of us has a general impression that Firefox boots slow (particularly from a cold start), and after start becomes “laggy” when you open too many tabs or use it for extended periods of time without a reboot. Sounds familiar right? But on the other hand we also know that Mozilla has made substantial optimizations to speedup and optimize the memory usage in recently released Firefox 4.0. However, one thing that even Firefox 4.0 cannot fix is the general slowdown and increase in memory Read More >


Well, iPhone 5 is not out yet for grasp, and may even by delayed from it’s earlier expected summer release, but this is not stopping people to come up with some creative things that iPhone 5 will not be able to do (that’s for sure!). MacTrast has come up with very nice and creative but funny looking infographic to put forward a list of 9 reasons for which they believe you shouldn’t buy an iPhone 5. It’s really funny, in particular I liked the bits on the 2nd and 7th place. Have a look for yourself: So, what do you Read More >

Some of us who were lucky enough to spend some playing time with the SNES console in those good old days do remember countless great games that made their way to SNES. Many of these were Nintendo’s own franchises but also included a lot of third party games as well. Back in the days, SNES hardware also supported one of stronger audio system as well which lead to many games coming with great music in addition to the great graphics and game play. Here is a list of 20 great SNES songs as compiled by a user at the GameTrailers. Read More >


Ever wondered that among the thousands of games released to date, which ones really make it to the top ? There are multiple greatest games list available on the web generated through various methods. For example, has a list based on average review score. But users at GamrConnect have come up with a very interesting list of fifty greatest games of all times which is made by the community. In order to participate, each member had to make their own list of top 50 games, which is a daunting task and ensured that only committed people participated. Read more Read More >


Engadget has the announced a detailed a list of the winners of the readers choice awards in many categories. There were more than 100,000 participants and the winners in many categories are not that much surprising in fact. For example, as you might expect Apple is a big winner as it’s products took top honors in many of the key categories. Here is sample of the some key figures: Gadget of the Year Apple iPad Most Anticipated Gadget Motorola Xoom Smartphone of the Year Apple iPhone 4 Laptop of the Year Apple MacBook Air E-reader of the Year Amazon Kindle Read More >

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