These days Google’s brain child Google+ – a social website considered by many as the direct competitor to the Facebook is making waves around the Internet. Currently the service is in trial testing and is evolving rather quickly both in terms of feature set and stability. We expect this evolution to continue in the coming months to put a threat to the already mature Facebook. Guys at the technobombs has come up with a  fairly detailed Infographic to compare the key features of the Facebook to the Google+ to expose the strengths and weaknesses of both products when compared to Read More >


It can happen sometimes that you created a Microsoft Word file or may be PDF document that contains a lot of images, or other multimedia content that increased it’s size significantly. This can lead to a number of problems including much more space consumption on the hard disk, problems to send it as an attachment through email. However, there happens to be a nice free software available called PocoDoc that aims to mitigate this issue. PocoDoc is basically a Windows application that recognize many common MS Office documents formats such as PPT, PPTX, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PDF and allows Read More >

We bloggers and webmasters all know and use Google Analytics for the vital statistics tracking of our websites. And no wonder that so many websites use it as the primary tool for traffic logging and analytics because it is THE most powerful free web analytics tool available. But now it is going to have some competition from the open source world because Piwik has released a web analytics tool that supports many of the features of Google Analytics and because it is open-source these features can be customized to fit the specific needs of the niche of a particular website Read More >

Many times we need to send large files such as photos, some movie clips or some documents to a friend or family member. Most of the times it is not much of a problem because we send these files as attachments through our email account in case they are less than 20 MB in size (for Google for others it may vary). But what if attachment size exceeds the allowed size for the attachments? Also we are out of luck in case the recipients email account cannot support such large attachments, although the chances for the last scenario are much Read More >

Today I stumbled across a fantastic website DONTCLCICK.IT that is an experimentation/research website from the Institute for Interactive Research and it throws a real challenge for you to face that is to navigate the whole website without a click! This experimentation is an attempt to introduce a novel concept of navigating interfaces without clicks as efficiently as possible and gauging the effectiveness as compared the traditional click based interfaces. This don’t click experimentation has a lot to offer and the main interface is divided in to four sections. 1. Understand You will have a chance to read the story that Read More >

MyBlogLog (popular social network for bloggers)interface has changed for the better. Now an activity stream is presented in the right pane from you or your neighborhood for example Twitter activity, Facebook updates, Flickr updates, new blog postings etc. User specific information such as user profile information, authored blogs, tags and contacts are shown in the left sidebar. I actually discovered it when today morning I logged in to the MyBlogLog and the interface seemed a bit strange. I refreshed the page but it remained the same. After that when I visited the Techcrunch this was story on their front page. Read More >

    I am not really a great fan of desktop background switching/rotating applications, but recently I found something that really caught my attention despite my dislike of these kind of applications. John’s Background Switcher is a great free desktop background switching utility. There are plenty of features that sets it apart from other applications of this kind. It can not-only use images stored on you computer to rotate on your Windows desktop but also has extensive support of online image hosting/sharing services such as Flickr, Picasa, SmugMug, Yahoo and PhanFare. Application’s core functionality of switching backgrounds on the desktop Read More >


Yes folks you can make a story of your choice from your blog to appear on the Digg front page – a blooger’s dream come true! The trick to do that not involves much hassle but does involve some money. All you have to do is to go to the website of the Subvert and Profit which is a black market for buying votes on the social media and buy some Digg votes with a rate of $2.00 per vote. So if you spend $100.00 then you will be able to buy 50 votes and their is a strong chance Read More >

PHP Speedy is a script that claims to decrease the page loading times for you website and hence give your readers a better experience. It achieves this by automatically joining appropriate files together and compressing before downloading to the web browser hence reducing the time required to download the files and display the web page. The author of the script has also setup a preview page with the PHP Speedy optimizations and an other page without these optimization for you to experience the difference it makes. Some result published from the author of the script: – Before PHP Speedy – Read More >

Ever wondered who is sharing the same IP as you are for your blog/website on your web host provider’s server? Want to know that if your hosting server is crowded with hundreds of other websites? If your website is hosted side by side with another website with questionable material? Well yesterday I discovered an interesting web service via the DonationCoder that lets you know the answers to the very same questions. Their website is myipneighbors and you just have to enter your website’s domain name or IP address to find all the other websites that are sharing the same IP Read More >

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