It was the Apple’s release day as they have released a pile of new and updated apps for the iOS 5. We have seen everything from the iTunes 10.5 release, iOS 5 itself, iMovie, Remote, and Find My iPhone apps. Also the updated versions of Pages, Numbers, Keynote. We also witnessed the release of  iTunes Movie Trailers app and a new Cards app. And now the latest one being the upgraded Xcode 4.2 for MAC with upgraded SDKs for both iOS 5 and OSX Lion. Here are the new features in the Xcode 4.2: – Includes SDKs for Mac OS Read More >

Windows 8

These days Windows 8 heat is all around the place on the Internet as Microsoft recently unveiled the Windows 8 developer preview build, and the availability of free download for everyone to get a personal look at the current state of the Windows 8 has worked as an icing on the cake. As you know already one of the most promoted aspects of the Windows 8 is the significantly enhanced GUI for use as a tablet OS. In particular, I am talking about the Metro interface in the Windows 8 that we have got enough of by now. Another, notable Read More >

Infographic Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs resignation from the Apple as the CEO was probably one of the biggest news circulating around the Internet technology related news sphere . Of course, he will still be around serving on the Apple board of directors. I just came around a very nice Infographic at the GigaOM that basically rounds out the key moments in the Apple history, and also gives a rundown on the Steve Jobs career though the years in the process starting from the April 1st, 1976 when Apple was founded all the way to this year in June when iCloud was announced. Also Read More >

Steve Jobs

Some pictures of the Steve Jobs has appeared on the TMZ after his resignation from Apple. More precisely these pictures are claimed to be two after his resignation. From these pictures as you can see below he indeed looks ill. You might remember from his resignation letter that this is what he said: "I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s CEO, I would be the first to let you know. Unfortunately, that day has come."   After looking at these pictures it seems more clear Read More >


As you might already know that it was revealed earlier that Apple is planning to build one of the coolest office buildings ever in Cuptertino. At that time the details were a bit sketchy, but now some more details have emerged. TechCrunch is reporting that building this office premises in Cuptertino for Apple has already been approved, and now its just a matter of time when all this will become a reality! There are amazing images that have been released that gives an idea about the gorgeous design of the Apple’s HQ facility. According to the current known details it Read More >


As you already know Apple’s latest iPhone 4 not only includes a high quality 5MP camera but also a flash features to support it, a feature that has been missing from the iPhone 3GS. However, if for some reason you want to quickly capture a spontaneous moment on a photo, its not easy to get access to the Camera application (or LED) as first you have to first unlock the phone then search and launch the Camera application. As you can see it may take some time and you may very well miss the key moment. Same can be said Read More >


According to a iPhoneItalia, a very reliable source is reporting that iPhone 5 will be released to the US on September 5 and an international availability in October. This news comes from a senior executive at Swisscom. Swisscom is a telecom operator in Switzerland, and they have sold the iPhones in the past. According to the news from iPhoneItalia manager from Swisscom is pretty sure about the release dates as he claims that Apple has already contacted the company to decide on how to distribute the iPhone 5. This news does seem creditable simply because according to it release date Read More >

iPhone 4

Original iPhone was released back in 2007 if you remember the history well and now if you fast forward a bit finally this day iPhone has turned 4 years old. To celebrate the moment the guys at Mashable has designed an interesting infographic that cover all the key moments in the history of iPhone starting from the initial launch in US, UK, France all the way to the naming of the iPhone OS to iOS as (we know it today), and iPhone 4 availability on Verizon. You can also see some interesting stats about the App store, some fun facts Read More >


Apple didn’t release the iPhone 5 at WDDC 2011, and many in the industry were already aware that Apple is going to deviate from it’s usual iPhone release-cycle this time for a variety of reasons including giving the recently released white iPhone 4 more breathing space, and also taking some time out to polish the hardware and bring it to the level of other formidable smartphones from the Android world (Samsung Galaxy S2 comes to mind). However, most of the sources in the industry agree that Apple is going to release the iPhone 5 in the September time-frame. As the Read More >


These days all the buzz is about the shiny new iOS 5 revealed by Apple at WWDC 2011 a couple of days back. Judging just by the number of new features cooked in to it, it seem to be the single largest iOS update ever! Although, it has be said that many of the new features have to do something with “catching up” to Android. A phrase by Picasso made famous later on by the Steve Jobs “Good artists copy great artists steal” can be seen in all it’s glory in iOS 5! Well, before it gets too much I Read More >

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