Transliteration is a very cool application by Google and now The Blogger receives an update with support for new languages. Basically what transliteration does is that as you write letters and words in English, it will convert them into alphabets of your chosen language. If you are having a hard time understanding the concept, you can try it right now at Now the blogger post editor gets support for additional 9 languages which is very useful for people who write blogs in their native language like Hindi or Urdu. Here is how to enable this feature, according to the Read More >

Windows Live Writer 2008 has gained a lot of popularity in a short time as the blogging client of choice for many bloggers and even I am using it now to post all the articles here. I know there are still some limitations when compared to the integrated editor such as the one provided by WordPress but the convenience WLR provides for daily use is unbeatable and is the deciding factor for me to pick it for my daily blogging needs. One of the things in WLR that always bugged me was the fact that whenever I press Enter when Read More >

MyBlogLog (popular social network for bloggers)interface has changed for the better. Now an activity stream is presented in the right pane from you or your neighborhood for example Twitter activity, Facebook updates, Flickr updates, new blog postings etc. User specific information such as user profile information, authored blogs, tags and contacts are shown in the left sidebar. I actually discovered it when today morning I logged in to the MyBlogLog and the interface seemed a bit strange. I refreshed the page but it remained the same. After that when I visited the Techcrunch this was story on their front page. Read More >


For the last couple of days I have searched and explored at least hundred different WordPress themes for a friend who required a theme for his Tech blog. Unfortunately most of the themes I came across had caused troubles in one way or the other. Some had trouble with the commonly used plugins, while others had a coding style that was very difficult to modify or customize to particular needs and still others were simply looking very cheap. In the end I found only a handful of themes that I really liked. I have decided to post my findings here Read More >

As more and more bloggers start to go to special events specific to the niche of their blog such as consumer shows, automobile shows, sports events and any other event, they want to provide a coverage of all the happenings on their blogs as soon as possible for their readers. Currently they have to write down all the stuff in the blogging client then check out that everything is working fine after they have uploaded new content on their blog. All of this becomes really difficult considering that they are already on the run for the coverage of the event.This Read More >

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