Speed Dial is one of the many useful features included in the Google Chrome apart from it’s lightening fast startup and page rendering speed. However, I do feel that it is not as customizable as Firefox to a users preferences. In particular, many of the Google Chrome features (or of any other web browser) can be included in Firefox using 3rd party Firefox extensions. Take an example of the Chrome’s speed dial feature for today, it is one of the most touted and of course useful features of that browser. But you can get the same functionality in Firefox using Read More >

Bookmark Autohider

One of the issue that many people are facing that have moved to wide-screen LCDs/displays is related to the less vertical space available on the display. This is a consequence of having wide screen displays. This limitation is particularly evident when working in an application with a lot of toolbars for example in Firefox (assuming that you are a power user and have enabled the bookmarks bar in addition to the tab bar). This kind of GUI setup in the Firefox not leaves much free vertical space. If you are in this kind of situation then you can reclaim some Read More >

Custom Button

In Firefox most convenient way to access the bookmarks is though the bookmarks toolbar (if it is turned on). In this way no need to go through the Firefox Menu Bar to access them and most importantly your mouse have to travel the minimum distance (from the webpage to the bookmarks toolbar). But there are occasions that you might want to turn off the bookmarks tool bar for example to gain some extra horizontal space which is already at premium for the users that have widescreen displays. Another reason might be that you simply don’t need access to a large Read More >

Ok! I am a little late on this story but I decided that I will post anything about this Firefox beta 3 release only after some testing and concrete observations so that you can draw some conclusion from my thoughts. Actually they have taken more than two months to release beta 3 after the release of beta 2 and no doubt that Mozilla team does have made progress on many fronts in the long road to the final Firefox release later this year. I have summarized the key changes below for you to take a look. However in the end Read More >

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