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Google ChromeCast has been gaining a lot popularity lately as a quick solution for the users on the mobile devices to push video content that they are watching on their mobile devices to the big screen. It is something very similar which have been available for quite some time for the Apple ecosystem in the form of AirPlay technology which requires buying the Apple TV. Similarly wireless streaming using the Google solution also requires a hardware dongle called ChromeCast which connects directly to your big screen TV for example via HDMI. Although ChromeCast dongle is much cheaper as compared to Read More >

Disable All Extensions Plus

If you are hardcore Google Chrome fan then I am sure that you might have already heavily customized the browser with a lot of extensions that are available there. With Chrome gaining popularity among users, in parallel the extensions in the Chrome’s repository are also growing rapidly. Although, it still has a way to go before reaching the same level of variety and quantity of extensions that are available for the Firefox. But still in such a short time this is quite an impressive gain. A common scenario for the users that install a lot of extensions in Chrome (also Read More >

Hover Zoom

It is really a nice option to have to view the pictures on the websites in larger view to take a quick glance. We already covered an extension for the Firefox that allows to zoom in to thumbnails on Facebook a few days back. A similar extension is also available for Facebook if you are using Google Chrome. Hover Zoom is an other nice and light weight extension available for the Chrome  that allows to hover over the thumbnails to get zoomed in view. Strongest point for this extension is that not only works on Facebook but also many other Read More >

Auto HD for YouTube

With the overwhelming popularity of YouTube these days it is considered like a benchmark against which all other video portals/websites are measured. Normally if you visit the YouTube and play some video there, it mostly starts in low quality. It is not necessarily a bad thing as it saves some bandwidth for the Internet users on low speed connections and makes these videos watchable, although at a lower resolution. But, if you have a very high speed Internet connection like many of us (here in Stockholm) than you would definitely like to view all the videos at the maximum possible Read More >

Facebook Photo Zoom

Just a few days back, I mentioned an extension for the Facebook that allows to zoom in to thumbnails such as profile pictures and thumbnails of the photo albums in Firefox. Facebook Photo Zoom is an extension with a similar functionality but for Google Chrome. It is a pretty simple and lightweight extension created with a very specific functionality in mind (and pretty well at that). It can be used to actually zoom in to any thumbnails in the Facebook interface including profile pictures and photo album thumbnails. It can also be easily turned on or off from with in Read More >

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