We are hearing from ages from Apple fan-boys (since Android became popular and started to become a real threat for the ever popular and industry benchmark mobile OS namely iOS) that Android graphical interface suffer from lack of consistency that starts from the core OS applications and extends to 3rd-party applications as well. And that is not just about inconsistency in terms of the visual elements on-screen but also from a usability point of view (as compared to the iOS). And then comes the discussion about the “smoothness” of the interface in Android vs iOS. It’s a general believe that Read More >

Kindle Fire vs Nook Tablet

Amazon Kindle Fire is now available for quite some time and not doubt has gained a lot of love from Android users that needed an inexpensive yet full functional feature-rich tablet. Kindle Fire is an amazing dual-core tablet at a rather unbelievable price-point of $200. In fact, according to some recent reports it has become THE best sold Android tablet and overall second only to the industry benchmark Apple iPad. This really tells something to us – that users love quality tablets that cut minimal corners to meet the low price-points. No wonder that such a low price point for Read More >


Samsung Galaxy Nexus is actually considered as a showcase smartphone to show the capabilities of the new Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich capabilities in its stock glory without the added layers of GUI that we usually expect from other Android manufacturers on their phones, for instance HTC Sense and TouchWiz. US customers are while still anxiously waiting for this first ICS device but as you might know that Samsung Galaxy Nexus has already been released in UK. It didn’t take much time for the first performance benchmarks of the device to appear online and its comparisons to the current crop if Read More >


After such a long wait Google and Samsung finally released the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in a media event in Hong Kong with the retail availability expected in November. This also marks it as the first device to get the Ice Cream Sandwich love which for sure will be followed by the other popular devices. By now most us already know that Galaxy Nexus supports some impressive specs ranging from the gigantic 4.6-inch Super AMOLED HD screen, to the 1.2 GHz processor from Texas Instruments. Device also supports 1GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage NFC capability among a host of Read More >

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S is current best iOS based smartphone available despite the fact that many users expected a bit more from Apple this time in the form of new iPhone 5 considering the delayed launch and also growing competition form Android based smartphones. But that didn’t happen – in the end what we are left with is an evolutionary product in the form of iPhone 4S with the same smaller screen size, same design, no LTE, same low 512MB of on-board RAM and list goes on and on… However, its not to say that iPhone 4S was complete disappointment as there Read More >


This is the first time ever we are seeing the launch of an iPhone device on all three major carriers at the same time. This will for sure turn up the heat for these carriers namely AT&T, Verizon and Sprint but in the end this is a win-win situation for the new iPhone 4S buyers as they have more choices in terms of finding a new mobile contract. But the real question that might be in the minds of many new iPhone 4S buyers is that which mobile network carrier to go for ? This choice has been made easier Read More >

iPhone 4S Performance

This has to be hottest news of today. It seems that some users that have already got their hands on the new iPhone 4S have run some performance benchmarks and posted the numbers on line. These performance numbers are then picked by the Anandtech website and they compiled a more complete list of performance benchmarks of the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S2 and other mobile devices. Performance benchmarking software that has been used includes the well known SunSpider Java Script Benchmark, Rightware BrowserMark, GeekBench and GLBenchmark to evaluate the performance of the modern smartphones and tablets in applications Read More >


Well it was the day October 4th which everyone was waiting why? because Apple told us to do so because they are going to announce something BIG in the context of the iPhone. And by this time we already know that what they had in store – a brand new iPhone 4S! Originally it was expected that Apple will release iPhone 4S/5 on their previous media event but they didn’t instead they announced the iOS 5 which was really impressive when compared to the current iOS 4.x in terms if features. Although, it has to be said many of the Read More >


You might remember that the last month we told you about the strong hints that are pointing towards the release of an Amazon powered low cost tablet in the near future. Well these rumors turned out to be true for sure as now we know that Amazon has announced the Kindle Fire – an amazing dual-core tablet at a rather unbelievable price point of $200. According to some online reports there is a very strong demand for the Kindle Fire ahead of the actual availability. And this makes sense considering the specs of the tablet and the price point its Read More >

Windows 8

These days Windows 8 heat is all around the place on the Internet as Microsoft recently unveiled the Windows 8 developer preview build, and the availability of free download for everyone to get a personal look at the current state of the Windows 8 has worked as an icing on the cake. As you know already one of the most promoted aspects of the Windows 8 is the significantly enhanced GUI for use as a tablet OS. In particular, I am talking about the Metro interface in the Windows 8 that we have got enough of by now. Another, notable Read More >

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