There are so many advantages for which an iOS device user might want to jailbreak his/her device including custom theme installations, wi-fi tethering, more flexible app backups, modification or enhancements to core Apps such as notification system, spring-board, custom toggles, unlocking the device etc.. There are countless other benefits of course and considering this there is no wonder that there was so much excitement when the untethered jailbreak for the iOS 5.0.1 on newer A5 based devices was released a few days back. If you are willing to sacrifice some of the stability on your iDevice for a lot of Read More >


FaceTime is one of the most useful features that were introduced with the iPhone 4 that allowed to use the video conferencing feature on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G using the front-facing camera of the said iOS devices. Since then for sure this features has been also expanded to the iPad and Apple Mac OS which helped to boost the popularity of the FaceTime call service. However, one important limitation of this service that has always been pointed out by the users is the inability of the service over 3G as an active wi-fi connection is required for it Read More >


iOS 4.x and beyond supports multi-tasking where users can switch to another app running in the background using double-tap on the Home button to activate the multi-tasking tray bar to switch to the desired app. It is a useful way to switch to the background apps and will be sufficient for the casual users of multitasking. However, heavy users of the multitasking feature might not be satisfied and would like to have a more efficient method to switch between the running apps. LastApp is one such application that allows to quickly switch between the currently running apps on your iOS Read More >


Jailbreaking your iPhone or any other iOS device has numerous advantages such as allowing much more flexibility to install all those awesome Cydia tweaks, much more customized/advanced backups, unlocking your iPhone, more recently installing unofficial Siri (on devices older than iPhone 4S!) and so many others to count here. But on the flip side there is some instability compromise you have to make by installing so many Cydia tweaks and apps, in particular the ones that make low-level changes to the iOS. Furthermore, there are some apps on the Apple App Store that will refuse to run if you have Read More >


Zephyr is a very interesting and useful new jailbreak/Cydia tweak by the well-known developer going by the name of chpwn for the iPhone. Basically it’s a swipe based multi-tasking gestures tool that can be very useful if you used to have a lot of apps running in the background on your iPhone and each time you want to access an app, normally you have to double-tap the Home button to bring the app switcher bar at the bottom. With this newly released Cydia tweak Zephyr all that is required is swipe-up gesture at the bottom part of the iPhone screen Read More >


You might remember that when iOS 5 was still in the beta phase we wrote about a big list of Cydia tweaks or jailbreak apps that were not working or not compatible with the iOS 5 beta. This was very handy for the beta testers and developers to have a quick look at the list and see what is working and what is not till now. The reason is as you know iOS 5 is major upgrade from the iOS 4 and there are changes deep down the hood that have lead to the incompatibility and crashes of many Cydia Read More >


SBSettings is one of the most used and very well known Cydia app that we know of. It is one of the first Cydia tweak that I used to install on my iPhone 3GS after jailbreaking it. Reason is very simple because it allowed a quick access to most commonly used settings, apps toggles directly from a pull-down GUI window (3G, SSH, Airplane mode, Bluetooth etc.) that you could access using a simple swipe-down gesture (or any other as gestures could be customized). But many avid users got disappointed as SBSettings had issues after Apple released the new iOS 5. Read More >

anyattach Cydia Tweak 2

Normally, Email application in iOS will only allow you send the images or videos from your library as an email attachment, but its not very general for example you cannot use it to send docs, music, or other types of files. We are not expecting that iOS 5 will be any better either in this respect. This is where the Cydia jailbreak community comes to rescue as there is new tool available in Cydia store called AnyAttach that allows to attach ANY file you like as an attachment to your email to send it. This can come pretty hand in Read More >

DreamBoard 2

Galaxy S II is a DreamBoard based theme for your iPhone, or any other iOS based device that allows to get the look and feel of the Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) on your iPhone! In addition, this theme is also influenced by the latest iteration of the Android namely Android 3.0 Honeycomb, and then of course there is the unique touch of iOS also involved! So, this theme has a little bit flavor of everything. Its available from ZodTTD repo. Since, this theme is based on the DreamBoard so you will need to have that installed. Of course, a jailbroken Read More >

Black Drive Backup

We have reviewed a lot of backup Cydia apps in the past to make a backup copy of your iOS device such as iPhone that you can use later on to restore in case of some miss happening. Of course, a user can simply use the iTunes backup features to backup the data of his iPhone. However, there are some limitations for example, currently you cannot sync an iOS device with more than one iTunes installation (one computer). Even more importantly what if you have jailbroken your iPhone and installed a lot of cool Cydia tweaks. In that case, iTunes Read More >

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