Some time has passed since Apple pushed the final version of the iOS 5.0.1 out of the door, which included a number of important fixes for the iDevice users. Firstly, it fixed the well-known battery draining issues that many iPhone 3GS/4 and iPhone 4S users are experiencing with their devices upgraded to the latest iOS 5. At least this is what Apple claims! Secondly, original iPad 1 users got lucky because Apple has enabled the multi-touch gestures for them in iOS 5.0.1. This features was disabled in the iOS 5.0 for the iPad 1 users but was only available to Read More >


Plants vs. Zombies was still is one of the best games on the PC delivered by PopCap Games. And this is one of the games that made them so famous and profitable as they are these days. This extremely popular game has already been available on the iOS and now the developers have finally ported to the Android. Indeed an exciting news… Note that due to the holiday sales you can get this game for discount along with a handful of other games like Tetris, SimCity Deluxe, and more – up to 65% off during this time! So hurry up Read More >


It looks like there are a lot of free games/apps offers during the Christmas time. Earlier we mentioned that Android users can download more than 100 apps/games for free from GetJar which would normally cost money. And now there is Samsung that announced on their Facebook page a handful of paid full version Android games for free for Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy SII (S2) users. If its not available yet in your regions then you can try the Market Enabler tool to try with another region. Here is the list of paid games that are available for free: Air Read More >


GetJar a well known mobile app distribution platform and an alternative to the Android Market is running a fantastic deal these days. Namely they are offering more than 100 paid Android apps for free! This indeed seems to be too good to be true. And these are not your average low quality apps/games as there are some really popular titles included in the offer that would normally cost a lot more money and now you can download for free. There is no mention that for how much time this deal will last and most of the deals here last for Read More >


By now most of you already know about the latest version of the Android mobile OS by Google which is Ice Cream Sandwich. It comes loaded on the new Google branded Galaxy Nexus and is in fact one of the key selling point of this device. Now since the source code for the ICS has already been released so manufacturers are hard at work to port it to at least their latest devices. Although, as we reported in an article published today that despite active development don’t expect to witness official update before the first quarter of 2012. Although unofficial Read More >


Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) has to be one of the best all around Android mobile device available currently no matter from which perspective you look at it. We here at Inspired Geek love it for sure. In the past, we brought your more guides, tips&trick for this device than any other Android device. This includes the original rooting guide that was posted long time ago using the Odin and SuperOneClick tool. Later on, we brought a guide to root the Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) using insecure kernel flashing through the Odin to root the device. More recently, we brought you Read More >


You might know already about the Carrier IQ drama that happened recently. For those of you who don’t know Carrier IQ is software that comes pre-installed on many mobile handsets without the users knowing about its presence. This software is said to be used for measuring the customer experience and typical mobile usage patterns etc. However, it has been found recently that Carrier IQ can breach user privacy by logging the messages and user keystrokes and sending this sensitive data among other pieces of information to the company servers where this information can be used to paint a complete picture Read More >


Kindle Fire is a cheap tablet released by Amazon and is in fact one of the lowest priced Android tablets that you can get these days. Its available only for $199. While the screen size is only 7-inch and might be on the small side for some people’s taste but you can’t really complain for a full-fledged tablet that costs so less that comes packed with a dual-core SoC. One of the problems for this tablet is that its so tightly integrated with Amazon echo-system. Many users will prefer the more open feel of the traditional tablets from Asus, Samsung Read More >


Mozilla has recently released the Firefox 8.0 final version and the number of changes as compared to the previous version are minimal at best. One of highly demanded features that Firefox users have been asking for a long time is the official support for 64-bit builds of the Firefox. Unfortunately, we didn’t get it yet – not even with the recent release of the Firefox 8.0. Firefox 9.0 is not expected to get this 64-bit support either. It seems from some reports that Firefox 10 might be the release when Mozilla will finally add the support for 64-bit builds. Situation Read More >


Now some interesting developments have finally started to take place for the Android users in connection with the recent Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) announcement from Google. Source code for the Ice Cream Sandwich is still not available, but developers for the Galnet has managed to use the ICS framework for the latest MIUI builds. These latest MIUI firmware are not only available right now for the popular Samsung devices such as Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII), Galaxy S but also for many other popular Android devices such as HTC Desire, Desire HD and Nexus S etc. Please note that these Read More >

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