Setting appropriate privacy levels on multiple computers while syncing data on Dropbox can get quite complicated. Having been a Sys-admin myself for a lot of years, experience has taught me never to underestimate the chance of a privacy breach when it comes to data. Even by protecting important ‘eyes only’ information by placing it on a system that isn’t connected to the network, people tend to forget one basic fact- the system administrator is all powerful! It only makes sense therefore, to use flash drives to store important data and use it only when required. Resolving the crisis Dropbox Portable Read More >


If you want to share large files online through the Internet with your friends or relatives, one of the most popular ways is Dropbox. Dropbox allows to share 2GB data using its free account. Well for many users, sharing documents and images it might be enough, but what if you want to share large videos or some other huge data? Then Dropbox service will not cut it. Also, for the Dropbox you have to first register for the service and setup. Although, its true that Dropbox (or other similar services) is more suitable in some other scenarios such as when Read More >

BoxyTunes  1

If you are sick of physically connecting your iPhone or other iDevices to the PC via a USB cable to sync and transfer the latest music that you want to listen using the slow and clumsy iTunes software? I am sure you are just like me. If it is the case then a cloud based music player like newly released BoxyTunes might be a perfect fit. And why not! it uses the same tried & true our favorite Dropbox cloud storage service to transfer the music to your iDevice. So, to use this iOS app you need to have a Read More >


I recently discovered an awesome application in the Cydia store called by the name iBye that allows to do the data backup of the many built-in iOS apps as well as App store installations. In addition it can also backup the Cydia apps and tweaks that you have installed on your jailbroken iPhone. Of course this is not the only solution to do a backup your data, for example you can use the iTunes built-in backup but that will not backup your Cydia apps. Then you have some other Cydia applications that can do the backup including the APT Backup Read More >


One of the most annoying problems in case you restore your iDevice using iTunes is that basically you loose everything (applications,games). Although, you can manually install the desired applications at the expense of spending some time. But what about the applications and games data that was stored in the iPhone, iPad etc. You can’t bring it back! and this is too bad. Another scenario is that you are playing some game on the iPhone say Angry Birds and you want the game progress (saved data) to be also available on your iPad. Apple’s iTunes have not any answer to deal Read More >


iFile is one of the most impressive file mangers available for the iPhone. It addition to the usual delete, copy, cut, paste, rename operations on the files, it also supports other advanced operations such as view, compress, uncompress files. It supports bookmarking files/folders, searching folder hierarchies, editing of files (including HTML, text files, property list files) and files attributes. One of the very useful feature is launching of related application to view files of a specific type from within the application. Also supports up to 8 browser tabs. It does support countless other features, and for this reason is one Read More >


Dropbox is one of the most popular and most intuitive cloud-based folder synchronization service that has a client available for both iOS based devices as well as Android devices. One thing that is common in terms of functionality (or a lack of) is absence of real-time (continuous) folder synchronization between the local folder and your data on the cloud compared to their their desktop counterpart. This can be quite tedious for many users of these devices to manually upload all the files to the cloud from the Dropbox client. Luckily for the Android users, I have noticed there is a Read More >

VLC Player

VLC media player is one of the most popular media players at least on the Windows OS. And this is for a good reason – it allows to playback virtually unlimited number of audio/video formats smoothly, and all of that without even installing a single codec! Apart from that it also supports many advanced features (streaming comes to mind). As for the iOS world this popular player was introduced first in the Apple App Store as a free download. Unfortunately, for the avid users this was removed by Apple from App Store shortly afterwards because of the copyright restrictions. After Read More >


DropVox is a nice little application for the iOS devices including iPhone that allows to record voice memos directly to your cloud storage on Dropbox. This can come handy in case you want to access these voice memos on your another computer, or just want to share them with some other person. After the installation DropVox will link the application to your Dropbox account, and after that anything recorded by hitting the big red button will be recorded and saved directly to a folder DropVox created in the root of your Dropbox folder. M4A extension is used to save the Read More >

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We all know and love Dropbox cloud storage service right? We have already covered Dropbox extensively here and in the past also mentioned many hacks, tips & tricks to make most of it. If you also happen to be the owner of an iOS device such as iPhone then don’t forget to download the Dropbox client for iPhone! This official client for Dropbox although nice does have some serious limitations. For example, it only allows to upload media files such as images and videos to your online Dropbox account. You are not allowed to upload anything else from these files. Read More >

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