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Normally, Email application in iOS will only allow you send the images or videos from your library as an email attachment, but its not very general for example you cannot use it to send docs, music, or other types of files. We are not expecting that iOS 5 will be any better either in this respect. This is where the Cydia jailbreak community comes to rescue as there is new tool available in Cydia store called AnyAttach that allows to attach ANY file you like as an attachment to your email to send it. This can come pretty hand in Read More >


iPhone has a very nice email client particularly starting from iOS 4.0. However, one very important feature that is missing from it is the download of files attached to emails such as images, PDFs, video files etc. However, if you have a jailbroken device then this limitation can be eliminated by a Cydia program called Attachment Saver that downloads all the attachments to a folder. All the files are downloaded to ~/Library/Downloads (/private/var/mobile/Library/Attachments). You will also need to install iFile to access the attachments you have download. Note that, this program is not limited to any specific extensions but should Read More >

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Although, from last couple of years Gmail has started to pick up the steam, and is now one of the most used email services in the world. However, Hotmail despite an apparent loss in it’s dominance from good old days is still pretty popular. Of course, if you have an iPhone it is not a problem to access your Gmail account there. Right? But interestingly many of the loyal Hotmail users don’t know they can also access their email on the iPhone. Actually, it is not that difficult to setup your hotmail account on the iPhone. As a bonus you Read More >

Many times we need to send large files such as photos, some movie clips or some documents to a friend or family member. Most of the times it is not much of a problem because we send these files as attachments through our email account in case they are less than 20 MB in size (for Google for others it may vary). But what if attachment size exceeds the allowed size for the attachments? Also we are out of luck in case the recipients email account cannot support such large attachments, although the chances for the last scenario are much Read More >

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