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It is quite common that when you enter a URL to load in the address bar in a browser to introduce some typos along the way! It is particularly true when it is done in a hurry. Although not all of these errors can be automatically corrected, but most of the errors/misspellings related to the TLD’s can be corrected automatically when you are using Firefox with an extension named URL Fixer. URL Fixer corrects typos in URLs that you enter in the address bar. For example, if you type google.con, it will correct it to google.com (asking first, if you Read More >


Default spell checker included in Firefox is pretty good for most purposes and it is simple to use. For example it highlights all the words in error and then you can right-click on any word that is not spelled correctly and choose one of the suggestions from the words that appear in the right-click context menu of the Firefox. This mechanism works pretty well if you just need to fix a few errors but if you have a large amount of text that you want to spell check then you have to repeat the same procedure as mentioned above for Read More >

Stay-Open Menu

Yesterday I talked about how one can add scrollbars to the bookmark menus to make navigation faster and more convenient by using the scrollbar for navigation instead of the mouse trackball etc. for long menus in Firefox. There is another problem that you might have noticed in case you want to open multiple bookmarks in the browser you have to open the bookmarks menu each time and click  on the desired bookmark item to open it in a new tab. It is really tedious process if you want to open multiple bookmarks from the same menu. In this case it Read More >

scollbar menu

By default Firefox bookmark menus behave much like any other normal menus in Windows and you usually navigate to the desired item and click it to load in a tab. This simple mechanism is pretty functional but in some circumstances particularly for the users that have a long list of bookmark items in some folder placed on bookmarks toolbar, they will have to auto scroll through the long list before reaching the desired item in the menu (say if the required item somehow happens to be towards the end of a long list of bookmarks in the menu) by either Read More >


Firefox 4.0 beta 7 has been finally released a few days back by Mozilla after numerous delays because of the pending bugs that needed to be fixed. Newer beta seems to be significantly faster on many well known browser speed tests. As many Firefox users who test out the new version of Firefox will take notice that Mozilla has come up with some major changes not only in the browser internals ( such as general increase in speed, support of hardware acceleration) but also on the GUI side of the things. Unfortunately many interface changes to the browser are not Read More >

One of the key strengths of the Firefox is the level of extensibility that it provides through the use of extensions. Because of the open-source nature of Firefox and some other related reasons there is a huge community of developers that are actively building new extensions and updating the older ones to be compatible with the new versions of this browser. Already official Firefox extension repository is approaching 2,000 Firefox extensions(currently hovering at 1989) and there are many other extensions floating around that are not listed here or in the Mozilla Sandbox. You can get a Firefox extension for any Read More >

Have you ever wanted to modify Firefox main context-menu so that you can remove some of the useless or redundant commands from it? Although it is subjective of what you consider as useless(or less useful) but still there are some commands that not many people are going to use on a regular basis and mostly you can access them through main menu-bar or toolbar of the Firefox interface. Fore example I am happy to live without these commands in my Firefox main context-menu to make it smaller and cleaner(and also to accommodate some useful context-menu items from other extension that Read More >

Tab Scope is a nice little extension that enables real-time tab previews in Firefox. This extension is brought to us by the same developer Gomita that brought us the excellent Scrapbook extension. There are similar extensions available like Tab Preview. However there are a number of nice features that separates it from other extensions of this kind, for example: Real-time tab previews of different tabs from a tab All the links in the webpage are click-able as normal! User can use the provided Forward, Backward, Refresh and Stop buttons for the complete navigation in a preview Previewed pages can be Read More >

If you are tired of having to scroll around back and forth in the tab-bar of Firefox, after you have opened a lot of tabs? Then Taboo may be able to help here as this is a Firefox extension made specifically to tackle the issue of tab bloat in the Firefox. Taboo will allow you to taboo a number of tabs(of your choice) that means that once they are tabooed you can come back to them later for reading using the taboo button (T in the Firefox toolbar) when you want. You can also search the webpages that you tabooed Read More >

A while back I wrote about an extension called External Application Buttons that allowed to add buttons to the Firefox toolbar that could call Windows applications from within the Firefox. That is a very useful extension for many people but today I will tell you about an extension that also has the ability to add buttons to the Firefox toolbars but these buttons can do a lot more than just calling  external windows applications. In fact you can do almost anything that is achievable in Firefox using these buttons!This extension is called Custom Buttons² and as it’s name implies allows Read More >

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