We are all well-versed in the specs and key features of the international version of the Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) I9100. It comes loaded with the Exynos based processor clocked at 1.2 Ghz processor Mali-400 GPU, features 1GB of on-board RAM. Internal memory is 16GB I guess in most of the released phones. While the screen size sits at impressive 4.3-inch with AMOLED display technology for extra sharp visuals that we all know and love. And of-course while being criticized by many reviewers having plastic feel it does provide a much lighter shell as compared to the Apple iPhone 4 Read More >


Windows, to the average citizen of the globe, is the synonym for “operating system”. Windows had, since its debut in 1984, established itself as a trend setter in the technological field. Widows Vista that was released towards the closing of 2006 remains to be the only OS that failed to perform laudable, and Windows 7 (which is often dubbed as an upgraded version of Windows Vista) salvaged the brand. Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard had offered stiff competition to Windows 7, and the former has been recorded to have received a better response. However, Windows is not one to Read More >


Well, folks Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) is out and its really awesome as it’s a complete overhaul of the Android OS of what we came to expect from the evolution of Gingerbread or Honeycomb. There is a long list of new features that we already covered today in our review of the Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0). But those features were based on what was announced by Google at their recent media event. But you know that that was not all as there are some cool hidden gems that were for some reason missing from the Google event! Well, Read More >


Siri is probably one of the most impressive feature of the iPhone 4S that is significant step up from the voice activated actions we found in the earlier iOS 4.x versions. Early iPhone 4S reviews suggest that Siri is not just a gimmick, but its really functional and can come really handy in some cases when you don’t want to use your hands to do the action on your iPhone 4S. So no doubt that Siri is getting the rave reviews. There are strong rumors pointing to the fact the Google might also introduce more advanced voice activated features in Read More >

iOS 5 Features

Apple unveiled the long awaited iOS 5 back at WWDC 2011 this year. But its only now that finally iOS 5 is going to be released to the public after a long line of betas to make the final release bug free. And of course what better combination it could be – an iPhone 4S pre-loaded with iOS 5! This is because it’s a major new release and includes a large set of new features. According to Apple iOS 5 includes 200 new features as compared to the previous release! Here, we will give you a brief round-up of the Read More >


We already brought you detailed scoop on the expected internals and specs of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3 which is excepted to be released at some time next year. Earlier the details came out through a 4Chan user that posted the details in the forum there. And this time apparently PhanDroid has received an internal Samsung presentation slide leak from an anonymous tipster that suggests some juicy details about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3 (SIII). This slide that is embedded below might very well be fake but it can’t be denied that most of the specs mentioned in the slide Read More >

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Yesterday, we told you that Samsung has released a teaser video of the upcoming Nexus Prime. Well, not explicitly mentioning the Nexus Prime but there was indeed a clear hint in the end of the video at the new Google branded Android phone. According to BGR they have the final specs of the device ahead of the announcement at the CITA on October 11th! First of all according to the report the device will be indeed called Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Samsung Galaxy Nexus  will be free of any TouchWiz or similar kind of bloat ware and will be a pure Read More >


Apple’s media event today is now over, and we finally witnessed the release of a new iPhone 4S with the availability from October 14th in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions for $199, $299 and $399 respectively. As you can see one noticeable difference is that we have more choices this time around. Not only that you will be able to buy the 16GB and 32GB versions of the iPhone 4S but also 64GB version will also be available although at a price premium. Please note that these prices are with a contract. We are also witnessing the availability of the Read More >

Windows 8

These days Windows 8 heat is all around the place on the Internet as Microsoft recently unveiled the Windows 8 developer preview build, and the availability of free download for everyone to get a personal look at the current state of the Windows 8 has worked as an icing on the cake. As you know already one of the most promoted aspects of the Windows 8 is the significantly enhanced GUI for use as a tablet OS. In particular, I am talking about the Metro interface in the Windows 8 that we have got enough of by now. Another, notable Read More >


After the release of the long awaited Firefox 4 Mozilla has really pushed the full throttle button on the development of new versions of the Firefox. Soon afterwards Mozilla released the Firefox 5 which was more of an incremental improvement over the Firefox 4. And just recently Firefox 6 has entered the beta stage. Furthermore Mozilla has updated the Aurora channel to Firefox 7. Which basically means alpha versions of the browser that has gone through minimal testing. And finally there are now nightly builds of Firefox 8 available that you might want to try if you really want to Read More >

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