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Normally in Firefox if you want to download a file, it presents an on screen file download dialog with the options to open the file directly with a program, or to save the file. But unfortunately there is no option to show the file size that you are going to download. This small but important feature is missing from even the latest Firefox 4.0 betas. Information about the file size can be very useful sometimes if available in advance. For example some people stuck with slow connections might want to download a file only if a specific file is not Read More >

Amazingly, it is only a few days back that I had written about Protect Exe, a utility that allowed to encrypt executable files and today I have found another one which is much far better in terms of features, flexibility, convenience and reliability. The main limitation of that utility was that it only allowed to encrypt executable files but not everyone is interested in just encrypting exe files, as some also want to encrypt pictures, movie clip, documents and other type of files. File encryption utility that I am talking about is called AxCrypt. It is open-source, so you can Read More >

These days it is not uncommon for many people to download/collect a large amount of images from Internet. Particularly after the immense popularity of online photo sharing services such as Flickr, Picasa, Smugmug and Zooomr this trend has increased drastically. And then there is a large number of photos that we take ourselves on regular basis thanks to the continuous trend of falling prices on higher resolution multi-megapixel digital cameras. Under most circumstances these pictures/photos tend to originate from multiple sources, online or personal photography etc. It is highly desirable to organize this large collection of images in a logical Read More >

As some of you may have noticed from my previous Firefox posts that I really love Scrapbook extension for Firefox, to the extent that my first ever post on this blog is a comprehensive run-down of it’s impressive array of features. If you have not read that so far then do it now as you may also fall in love with this fantastic extension for Firefox like me. Anyway, I am using it to collect/manage all my data that I collected from the web since July 2006. I thought it might be interesting to bring you some scrapbook profile stats Read More >

Have you ever been in a situation where your harddisk is completely filled out and you are running out of space but can’t figure out that where this space is being used? If yes then you know that how difficult and cumbersome it can be to locate and hunt down all the culprit files that are taking the most space so that needless or less important files can be removed. It may happen particularly to people in the habit of making collections of things like movies, music videos, software etc. It is understandable that the trend of rapid increase in Read More >

We are so used to copy fodders from one place to another on the harddrive, but there are times when we want to copy a folder with only the folder structure without the files from one place to another on the same harddrive or to a different harddrive. These scenarios occur rarely for example when you want to transfer only some of the files from a folder to different place(folder) but still want to maintain the folder structure of that folder without actually copying all the files. If this kind of scenario occur we can use a simple freeware utility Read More >

Rapidshare is a file sharing site that allows you to share the uploaded files with the other users. There are countless other file sharing sites that will allow you to do the same but this one has the largest collection of the files related to software, movies,mp3 files and other documents(many of  them may not be legal so take caution!). Rapidshare do not supports its integrated search as some other sites so you will have to search required file using the Google search using their advanced operators. But now the Rapidshare1 is there to make your life simpler for searching Read More >

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