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Speed Dial is one of the many useful features included in the Google Chrome apart from it’s lightening fast startup and page rendering speed. However, I do feel that it is not as customizable as Firefox to a users preferences. In particular, many of the Google Chrome features (or of any other web browser) can be included in Firefox using 3rd party Firefox extensions. Take an example of the Chrome’s speed dial feature for today, it is one of the most touted and of course useful features of that browser. But you can get the same functionality in Firefox using Read More >


FindBar that we have at our disposal in Firefox is pretty nice. However, by default FindBar does miss some small but very useful features, for example, you can use the Ctrl + F shortcut to bring it on screen, but if you press the same shortcut again it will not hide it! – a toggling for show/hide that some of you might be expecting is not there. Another feature that could be handy for some users is the placement of the FindBar according to the user preference as I noticed some users prefer the FindBar to be at the top Read More >


Latest incarnation of the Mozilla Firefox namely Firefox 4 may be the most refined and fastest version yet of the popular browser. However, apart from all the positives aspects one cannot help but feel for some of the controversial decisions on Mozilla’s part. I have already talked about them at great length in some previous articles. So, I will not go in to that, but here I want to point-out a new “feature” in Firefox 4 related to the visual transparency effects that it adds to the Windows title-bar, tool-bar and other GUI elements that annoy me a lot. I Read More >


I think Firefox 4 tab management system is one of the best when compared against all other available current generation browsers such as Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer. One of the things that might bother some power users that tend to do a lot research & keep open a dozen or more tabs at the time is that tab width also starts to decrease as Firefox have to accommodate more tabs in the same tab-bar area. As a result visible area of any tab title also starts to shrink. If you prefer to widen the currently active tab, there is Read More >


Firefox 4 users can make a much better use of the status-bar (or new “add-on bar” as they call it) by installing some extension that shows useful information in this area. As in new Firefox 4.o add-on bar is supposed to be used by the Firefox extension developers to show some useful information to it’s users. One of the extremely useful extensions that I have come across recently is called StatusbarEx. After installation it adds some useful information to the Firefox add-on bar like Memory/CPU Usage, Network Speed which is shown by default at the bottom in the Firefox UI. Read More >


Firefox has a long history of being one of the slower internet browsers around. I mean, most of us has a general impression that Firefox boots slow (particularly from a cold start), and after start becomes “laggy” when you open too many tabs or use it for extended periods of time without a reboot. Sounds familiar right? But on the other hand we also know that Mozilla has made substantial optimizations to speedup and optimize the memory usage in recently released Firefox 4.0. However, one thing that even Firefox 4.0 cannot fix is the general slowdown and increase in memory Read More >

YouTube Bulk Player Mate

This is a typical scenarios that you are interested to watch videos related to a particular topic, and you go the YouTube and search for the related videos. But on the search results page you are interested in watching multiple videos. So, for that you will have to click on the first interesting result to view the video, and once you are finished you will go back then manually click on the next interested video that seems interesting, and so on. This manual task can become tedious quickly if you have to do it 3, 4 times or more. Enter Read More >

Bookmark Autohider

One of the issue that many people are facing that have moved to wide-screen LCDs/displays is related to the less vertical space available on the display. This is a consequence of having wide screen displays. This limitation is particularly evident when working in an application with a lot of toolbars for example in Firefox (assuming that you are a power user and have enabled the bookmarks bar in addition to the tab bar). This kind of GUI setup in the Firefox not leaves much free vertical space. If you are in this kind of situation then you can reclaim some Read More >


By default in Firefox 4 the behavior of the browser has changed a bit in the sense that when you quite, it no longer prompts you to save currently open tabs as it did in Firefox 3.x. You can bring back this behavior by changing a single preference in about:config in Firefox. So just launch the URL about:config and filter the results on the search bar on the browser.showQuitWarning. Then in the window double click on this to enable (true) the  browser.showQuitWarning property. Now even if you have setup the Firefox in preferences to start with a home page or Read More >

Tab Badge

Tab Badge is very nice Firefox extension that is pretty lightweight (only 6KB!) in size and has only one function on agenda. And that function is to add nicely superimposed visual badges to the tabs in Firefox. These badges shows you the number of unread messages in Facebook, unread emails in Gmail and so on… There are many use cases for this extension as this extension is more general and should work on many websites by showing badges without problem. Note that the badges are also visible for the tabs that you have pinned in Firefox 4.0. Actually, a badge Read More >

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