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In the recent builds Flash, we have witnessed a notable performance improvement in particular related to the hardware acceleration. But despite these performance improvements flash performance can be quite taxing for the older hardware. These older PCs usually struggle to play many flash games, applications built in flash and even many flash heavy sites cause trouble when loaded on low end systems. There is really not much we can do expect to upgrade the hardware i.e. processor, RAM or the entire PC. However, if you are using the Firefox to play the flash games/apps or browsing the flash heavy websites Read More >


There is no denial about the insane popularity of the Adobe flash technology as the rich media, web video and game publishing platform. Of course, we have seen some competitor technologies such as Microsoft Silver but they could never take off to the same level. One advantage that Google Android has over the iOS is the support for the Adobe Flash. However, the performance of the Flash on this particular platform is entirely another matter. If you are also one of the frustrated Android users about the poor Flash performance on the Android then you will be excited to know Read More >


Flash support on iOS is a topic which ignited many hot discussions in the past. Apart from the arguments from the users that there indeed should be support for the flash on the iDevices, Apple is still firm on it’s decision to not bring natively flash to the iOS. No matter if it is because of the inherent security risks associated with the flash, performance  or some other secret reason that only Apple knows – the fact of the matter is millions of users are still left in the cold without a multimedia technology which is so extensively being used Read More >


If you are an Android fan then you must be enjoying the Flash love you are getting as compared to the iDevices fans which are still missing on Flash support on their devices. Despite the fact a lot of time has already passed there is still not intention to support the flash on Apple device any time soon. Anyway for the Android lovers out there there is good news that Adobe has released the Flash 10.2 for the Android 2.2 and 2.3. Furthermore, a beta version is also made available for the Android 3.0 Honeycomb users. Note that 10.2 is Read More >


Many of us are used to play the light-weight flash games in our favorite browsers. This is particularly true for the casual gamers out there and for the people that don’t have much time otherwise, and want to kill a small amount of time with some light gaming-fun on a PC. There is no limitation of flash games on the Internet, but if you play a lot of flash games confined to the boundaries of a browser window you might have noticed some annoying problems as well. One of the main problems is the lag that many flash games introduce Read More >

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