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Samsung Galaxy R is a variant of the popular Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) that was announced by Samsung back in August 2011. However, it can be considered more of a cut-down version of the SGS2 as there are some important differences (compromises) in the hardware specs. For example, the screen on the Samsung Galaxy R is not Super AMOLED but instead Super CLEAR although screen size and resolution is the same as Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII). But most importantly SoC is based on slightly less powerful and now aging Tegra 2. Device ships with a 1GB of RAM and less Read More >


All the experienced Android users with a Samsung based Android device in their pocket are most likely familiar with the ODIN tool that is used to flash custom kernels, firmware modems, repartition, install custom firmware on the device. In fact, ODIN is also used by some users to install the insecure kernel on the device to get the root later on. But ODIN is a Windows desktop PC tool and requires the Samsung Android device to be connected to the PC for functioning which is of course not very convenient for many users. But avid users of the ODIN can Read More >


Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) without any doubt is a high performance smartphone and feels very responsive even with the stock Samsung firmware and kernel mostly because of the powerful CPU+GPU combination under the hood as well as the speed improvements in the Android 2.3 Gingerbread as compared to previous versions of the Android. Just imagine how fast it will feel after flashing the Ice Cream Sandwich based firmware on to it that includes inherent multi-core processors support! Anyway, the real fun for the hardcore tweakers begins when they mod their beloved Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) by flashing custom firmware, kernels Read More >


If you buy a new Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) there is of course a lot of bloat installed on it, mostly in the form of Samsung Apps such as Music Hub , Games Hub and so on, that are not that much useful, and for the most pre-installed apps you can find better alternatives in the Android Market. However, despite all the bloat still there is no denying that this smartphone with the stock firmware and kernel feel very fast and responsive mostly because of the powerful CPU+GPU combination as well as the speed improvements in the Android 2.3 Gingerbread Read More >

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