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Google ChromeCast has been gaining a lot popularity lately as a quick solution for the users on the mobile devices to push video content that they are watching on their mobile devices to the big screen. It is something very similar which have been available for quite some time for the Apple ecosystem in the form of AirPlay technology which requires buying the Apple TV. Similarly wireless streaming using the Google solution also requires a hardware dongle called ChromeCast which connects directly to your big screen TV for example via HDMI. Although ChromeCast dongle is much cheaper as compared to Read More >


Android OS for the smartphones and now for the tablets as well in the form of Honeycomb is one of the most successful mobile OS ever. According to the recent statistics from the various sources mobile phones fitted with Android based operating system are growing at  a rapid pace and there are no signs of slowing down according to the recent figures. As long as devices like Samsung Galaxy S2 continue to come out Android popularity will continue to increase. More recently there is a lot of anticipation for the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) that will unify the smartphone Read More >


If you want to watch live sport events on your computer through the Internet you have many choices because there are a number of applications that you can download for free and allows to browse through the many live TV channels broadcasted from many countries. However, problem is you have to install an extra application. What if you want to watch a live sport event right from with in your web browser. Well, if you are on the Google Chrome then luckily there is a nice free extension available appropriately called Live Score that allows to browse and watch live Read More >


As noted in some earlier articles, after feeling the heat from Google, massively popular online social networking website Facebook has started to take major as well as incremental steps to improve the website and add new features. One feature that has been covered extensively in the recent weeks is the inclusion of the new video chat system courtesy of the Skype service. Facebook developers also made visual changes to the interface and added annoying sidebar that lists all the contacts of the users no matter if they are offline, online or idle and presents a somewhat confusing intermingled view of Read More >


These days all the fuzz is about the Google+ a new social service in the same vein as Facebook. Although it has been just recently introduced, and for now seems to be available based on the invitations only, but it has already gained some following as some consider this to be more adoptable and usable for them than the Facebook. In any case competition is always good as now Facebook is also feeling the heat and has just recently introduced voice conversation facility right from the Facebook interface with the collaboration with Skype. However, with all the effort that Facebook Read More >


If you are on a wide-screen monitor (which I think is true for most users these days as almost all laptops as well as computer-screens are shipping with wide-screen aspect ratio, I am sure you noticed the these white space borders on left and right sides when viewing a webpage in any web browser. ON wide-screen monitors this space goes to a waste unless you use two or more website windows open side-by-side or alternatively you zoom in to the webpage to get rid of these side white-borders.        If you are using Google Chrome then Zoomy is a nice Read More >


Speed Dial is one of the many useful features included in the Google Chrome apart from it’s lightening fast startup and page rendering speed. However, I do feel that it is not as customizable as Firefox to a users preferences. In particular, many of the Google Chrome features (or of any other web browser) can be included in Firefox using 3rd party Firefox extensions. Take an example of the Chrome’s speed dial feature for today, it is one of the most touted and of course useful features of that browser. But you can get the same functionality in Firefox using Read More >


It is just a few days ago that Angry Birds was released for the Google Chrome and there it is. A clever guy at the WesBos has managed to unlock all the levels in the Angry Birds Chrome HTML 5 based version! This also includes the levels that are exclusive to the Google Chrome. Hack is actually based on the fact that Angry Birds for Google Chrome uses HTML 5 based local storage to keep track of the player progress (score and stars). So, a little JavaScript trickery can help to manipulate this storage to unlock all the levels! To Read More >


Insanely popular Angry Birds game is now available for free if you have Google Chrome browser! Game uses WebGL API for the graphics and stores a local cache to give you the uninterrupted play incase you go offline. Mighty Eagle add-on will be available using new Google Payments in-app purchasing feature at some time in future. If you are on another browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer, you can still enjoy the game! Although the additional content might be exclusive to the Google Chrome. Since it is browser based you should be able to play it on all major Read More >

Disable All Extensions Plus

If you are hardcore Google Chrome fan then I am sure that you might have already heavily customized the browser with a lot of extensions that are available there. With Chrome gaining popularity among users, in parallel the extensions in the Chrome’s repository are also growing rapidly. Although, it still has a way to go before reaching the same level of variety and quantity of extensions that are available for the Firefox. But still in such a short time this is quite an impressive gain. A common scenario for the users that install a lot of extensions in Chrome (also Read More >

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