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Recently released Internet Explorer by Microsoft is really a strong web browser which is a marked improvement over the previous Internet Explorer 8 in every imaginable way. However, one thing that I am sure many people might have noticed is the lack of a real-time spell checker. This is somewhat of disappointment for the people that were expecting it to be coming in the latest incarnation of this popular Microsoft browser. But fortunately for us this limitation can eliminated by using a free real-time spell checking tool called Speckie that is designed specifically for the Internet Explorer and it works Read More >


Internet Explorer has recently been officially released by Microsoft. Overall it is an impressive product and a significant improvement over the previous iterations of this popular web browser. As soon as IE 9 has launched there are already some tools starting to come to light that allows to tweak the Internet Explorer 9 user interface and other aspects to a users likings. One such tool is called Tweak IE9 that allows to customize a number of Inter Explorer 9 settings from nice single window interface. From the UI perspective some of the notable possibilities are to enable/disable menu bar on Read More >


Microsoft has put significant effort in the development of their latest browser for Windows to reverse the fortunes and put a brake on the rapidly decreasing market share as compared to the two big guns in the Internet browser arena namely: Firefox and Google Chrome. If it does succeeds to reverse the fortunes for Microsoft or not ? – only time will tell, but one thing is for sure that they have introduced some desperately required feature in the latest release. Key new features include the extensive support for the HTML 5 standard, ability to pin the webpages to the Read More >


Microsoft  has made a slew of very juicy announcements about the future of WP7 in a press release at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. One of the new additions as we were expecting to the WP7 will be the introduction of the copy & paste feature. According to Microsoft it should appear in the next major release of the Windows Phone 7. Probably in March that is not that far. Additionally there will be introduction of multi-tasking support for the third party applications in the later part of the year. Although there are no technical details about the nature Read More >


These days when we think about Internet Explorer what comes in mind is a web browser with the lack of compatibility of web standards, slow java script performance, lack of flexibility and extensibility in terms of customization of the browser and focal point for much of the malware, rogue browser toolbar extensions that are installed with it. It was the general perception until Internet Explorer 9 betas didn’t arrive the general public. Microsoft made big improvements with the 9th iteration of what is still world’ s most popular browser. This improvements included support for HTML 5, overall better web standards Read More >

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