Google Chromcast has been recently introduced by Google a small inexpensive device which plugs directly in to any free HDMI port on your home TV transforming any old TV to a smart TV allowing video streaming contents to be directly put to the large screen from a android or iOS tablet or simply a PC. Chromcast in many ways is direct response to the Airplay feature on iOS devices which has been available for quite some time now. But of course the drawback is that Airplay feature is tied to Apple ecosystem and also the Apple TV that is required Read More >


FaceTime is one of the most useful features that were introduced with the iPhone 4 that allowed to use the video conferencing feature on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G using the front-facing camera of the said iOS devices. Since then for sure this features has been also expanded to the iPad and Apple Mac OS which helped to boost the popularity of the FaceTime call service. However, one important limitation of this service that has always been pointed out by the users is the inability of the service over 3G as an active wi-fi connection is required for it Read More >


iOS 4.x and beyond supports multi-tasking where users can switch to another app running in the background using double-tap on the Home button to activate the multi-tasking tray bar to switch to the desired app. It is a useful way to switch to the background apps and will be sufficient for the casual users of multitasking. However, heavy users of the multitasking feature might not be satisfied and would like to have a more efficient method to switch between the running apps. LastApp is one such application that allows to quickly switch between the currently running apps on your iOS Read More >


We are hearing from ages from Apple fan-boys (since Android became popular and started to become a real threat for the ever popular and industry benchmark mobile OS namely iOS) that Android graphical interface suffer from lack of consistency that starts from the core OS applications and extends to 3rd-party applications as well. And that is not just about inconsistency in terms of the visual elements on-screen but also from a usability point of view (as compared to the iOS). And then comes the discussion about the “smoothness” of the interface in Android vs iOS. It’s a general believe that Read More >

iOS Torrent Download 2

There are already a number of ways that a user can monitor the torrent download on his or her PC from a mobile device. But what if you want to download the torrents on your smartphone? – in particular on an iOS platform such as iPhone! There are some choices that we mentioned in the past for jailbroken phones to do but iTransmission seems to be the best option yet. iTransmission of course requires a jailbroken iDevice and you can actually download the latest IPA file form the Google Repository on official homepage. I am not sure that if its Read More >


We all know that hardware UI acceleration has been introduced in Android 3.0 Honeycomb by Google but it was of course exclusive to the Tablets. Now the same hardware accelerated GUI and animation enhancements has been introduced in the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich as well. According to the many initial reports Android 4.0 does indeed feels more responsive and smooth from a user experience perspective (as compared to the Gingerbread Android 2.3 on the smartphones). But there are some people that still believe that even with the ICS introduction Android might still be lagging behind Apple iOS in terms of Read More >


So many times here, we talk about the awesome apps & features that Android provides to its users and it even extends to the distributions itself. Take a look for example at the at the forums like XDA for the number of distributions or ROM choices that are available for even a single device like Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) – CyanogenMod, MIUI, Darky ROM and list goes on & on for the other custom ROM that popup every day for these Android powered devices. Certainly we cannot get the same level of variety or choices for installing the ROMs on Read More >


Many of us know that in the past we were reminded so regularly to save the SHSH blobs of currently installed iOS on the device using the TinyUmbrella for example. The main purpose for this was so that the user can later downgrade to this version after upgrading if intend to do so. In other words, if the SHSH blobs are not saved for the iOS version in question, you can’t downgrade to that later on from an upgraded iOS version! Now coming to the main story it turns out that Apple has blocked the SHSH Blobs saving feature for Read More >


We already know that the iOS 5 is going to introduce a very handy feature that allows to launch the camera application directly from the lock screen, to save some time to unlock the screen and launch the camera application from the Springboard. Then there are some other Cydia tweaks that allows to launch some specific applications from the lock screen. But now we have yet another interesting jailbreak tweak called SuperSlider that allows to launch any application from the lock screen of iOS device. All you have to do after the installation of the application is to go to Read More >

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We all know there are handful of powerful and feature rich keyboards that are available for the Android. But when it comes to the Android third party keyboards, Swype is the first thing that comes to mind. Swype is indeed one of the most well-known and used keyboards available for the Android. Actually, it provides a faster and easier way to input text on screen. With one continuous finger motion across the screen keyboard, it allows users to input words faster and easier than many other data input methods. As you can see the input method is indeed a lot Read More >

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