anyattach Cydia Tweak 2

Normally, Email application in iOS will only allow you send the images or videos from your library as an email attachment, but its not very general for example you cannot use it to send docs, music, or other types of files. We are not expecting that iOS 5 will be any better either in this respect. This is where the Cydia jailbreak community comes to rescue as there is new tool available in Cydia store called AnyAttach that allows to attach ANY file you like as an attachment to your email to send it. This can come pretty hand in Read More >

DreamBoard 2

Galaxy S II is a DreamBoard based theme for your iPhone, or any other iOS based device that allows to get the look and feel of the Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) on your iPhone! In addition, this theme is also influenced by the latest iteration of the Android namely Android 3.0 Honeycomb, and then of course there is the unique touch of iOS also involved! So, this theme has a little bit flavor of everything. Its available from ZodTTD repo. Since, this theme is based on the DreamBoard so you will need to have that installed. Of course, a jailbroken Read More >

Black Drive Backup

We have reviewed a lot of backup Cydia apps in the past to make a backup copy of your iOS device such as iPhone that you can use later on to restore in case of some miss happening. Of course, a user can simply use the iTunes backup features to backup the data of his iPhone. However, there are some limitations for example, currently you cannot sync an iOS device with more than one iTunes installation (one computer). Even more importantly what if you have jailbroken your iPhone and installed a lot of cool Cydia tweaks. In that case, iTunes Read More >

iOS 5 Notification Center

In the past we had a detailed article about the new and exciting features in iOS 5. One of the major new features that we mentioned was the new Notification Centre that houses all the messages/notifications such as calls, sms etc. that you can check at any later time. As many have already noticed, Notification Centre also shows all new widgets developed by Apple specifically for the iOS 5 namely weather and stock widgets. Soon after the release of the iOS 5 beta, we were expecting that jailbreak community will move ahead and bring us the new customized 3rd party Read More >


List of available Cydia apps for the Jailbroken iOS devices is growing by leaps and bounds in the recent time. These days you can find a Cydia tweak for literally for any modification you can imagine for your iOS device. And then apart from the free Apps there are also many paid Cydia apps available for which you have to pay but usually provides more refined functionality or control. In the past, we have covered a lot Cydia apps ranging from the typical Springboard mods, camera app tweaks, folder tweaks to more recently the iOS 5 notification center widgets. Recently, Read More >


We believe that jailbreaking is one of the best things that ever happed to the iPhone. As it opened up a whole lot of other possibilities that were otherwise simply not possible because of the very constrained APIs that Apple provide for the developers. Of course, this is because of the jailbreaking that we have entire category of jailbreak/Cydia apps available to us that allows to literally customize every aspect of the iOS platform either its related to the functionality, ease of use or the theming of the iOS platform. There are now thousands of apps now available in the Read More >

BBSettings 1

We have covered a number of widgets for the new iOS 5 Notification Center in a short time span after Apple released the first beta of iOS 5 to the developers. Some of these includes the UISettings,  WeeTwitter, WidgetTask, MusicCenter, SpringPrefs, RSSWidget and WeeFacebook. BBSettings is another interesting widget for the iOS 5 notification center developed by the Manuel Gebele – the same guy who developed the WeeFacebook. After installing the widget first thing you will notice is the distinct resemblance to the popular SBSettings app and UISettings another popular widget that we covered earlier for the iOS 5 notification Read More >


As we mentioned before that Apple has pushed out an update to iOS 4.3.4 to fix the PDF vulnerability in the iOS 4.3.3. Now iPhone dev-team has released an updated version of the Redsn0w as well! So, if you are on Windows and want to jailbreak your iOS 4.3.4 device say on iPhone, then no need to wait anymore. Here is a quick guide and information about the new Redsn0w 0.9.8b3 for Windows to jailbreak your iDevice (except iPad 2). Please note that this will be tethered JB only for now! Furthermore, if you are relying on a carrier unlock Read More >


We already know that the iOS 5 is going to introduce a very handy feature that allows to launch the camera application directly from the lock screen, to save some time to unlock the screen and launch the camera application from the Springboard. Then there are some other Cydia tweaks that allows to launch some specific applications from the lock screen. But now we have yet another interesting jailbreak tweak called SuperSlider that allows to launch any application from the lock screen of iOS device. All you have to do after the installation of the application is to go to Read More >

OmniStat  1

In short amount of time after the release of the iOS 5 beta we have witnessed a flood of widgets for the new iOS 5 Notification Center. Some of these widgets that we reported earlier includes the UISettings,  WeeTwitter, WidgetTask, MusicCenter, SpringPrefs, RSSWidget and WeeFacebook. Today we have another great widget for you that has been released recently for the iOS 5 betas called OmniStat. Actually, OmniStat is a fairly powerful widget that includes a number of features rolled in to a single widget. For the starters, in includes a number of useful toggles (buttons) to turn on/off the common Read More >

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