Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the rather interesting devices released by Samsung as it’s a cross between a traditional tablet and a smartphone with a gigantic screen size of 5.3-inch (by smartphone standards). It makes the device much more useful for some people in terms of increased productivity possibilities but at the same time it renders the device un-pocket able. Other impressive features include a powerful 8MP front rear facing camera as well as a 2MP front facing camera. Good news for the US consumers that fancy of this device is that its just going to be released to Read More >


Samsung Galaxy R is a variant of the popular Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) that was announced by Samsung back in August 2011. However, it can be considered more of a cut-down version of the SGS2 as there are some important differences (compromises) in the hardware specs. For example, the screen on the Samsung Galaxy R is not Super AMOLED but instead Super CLEAR although screen size and resolution is the same as Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII). But most importantly SoC is based on slightly less powerful and now aging Tegra 2. Device ships with a 1GB of RAM and less Read More >


Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) has to be one of the best all around Android mobile device available currently no matter from which perspective you look at it. We here at Inspired Geek love it for sure. In the past, we brought your more guides, tips&trick for this device than any other Android device. This includes the original rooting guide that was posted long time ago using the Odin and SuperOneClick tool. Later on, we brought a guide to root the Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) using insecure kernel flashing through the Odin to root the device. More recently, we brought you Read More >


Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) without any doubt is a high performance smartphone and feels very responsive even with the stock Samsung firmware and kernel mostly because of the powerful CPU+GPU combination under the hood as well as the speed improvements in the Android 2.3 Gingerbread as compared to previous versions of the Android. Just imagine how fast it will feel after flashing the Ice Cream Sandwich based firmware on to it that includes inherent multi-core processors support! Anyway, the real fun for the hardcore tweakers begins when they mod their beloved Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) by flashing custom firmware, kernels Read More >


In the past, we have posted a number of methods to root your Samsung Galaxy S2 (II) device first method involved using the Odin and SuperOneClick, and the method that we posted more recently and is indeed the preferred method requires the use of a suitable CF-Root kernel that needs to be flashed through the Odin. But many users after rooting the Samsung Galaxy S2 (II) device might notice an annoying yellow warning triangle during the boot process. Its not a big issue, and it does not effect the functioning of your device in any way. But if you want Read More >


CF-Root is something that we already covered here and is the preferred method to root Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) these days. Basically these are in-secure kernels based on the stock kernels released by Samsung but modified to enable rooting and add some other essential features such as Busybox, Super user, CWM and so on. As I said these are based on the stock kernels intended to root the Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) device by flashing though the ODIN software, but these are NOT complete ROMs – only the kernels. Here are the features common to all the different variants of Read More >

Nook Color Tweaks 1

Nook Color Tweaks is free application available from the Android market specifically for the rooted Nook Color running the CM7 kernel(nightly 88+) or Dalingrin’s OC kernel. Its an easy way to enable a number of very useful tweaks on your rooted Nook Color namely easy overclocking of the device to 1.3 GHz and above!, boost the speaker volume and reduce the hiss and noise of the headphones. Here are the features of the App in more detail as provided by the developer: *CPU speed per stepping. Allows you to overclock as much or as little as you want. *Headphone analog Read More >


We have already posted a guide earlier that details the whole process of rooting your Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) step-by-step. But now the well known XDA forum member named Chainfire has come up with an alternative kernel to root your Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII). This is particularly well suited to the beginner users, and those that want to remain as close as possible to the stock firmware while still having a root. Please note that this rooting method consist of only flashing the kernel which is itself taken from stock Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) kernel and extended with the following Read More >


Xperia X10 is the first smartphone by the Sony Ericsson that is based on the Android OS. Hardware specs are also impressive as it supports a 1GHz snapdragon processor and an 8.1 MP camera. Now it has been confirmed by the XDA developer forum blog that Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 bootloader has been bypassed/cracked. It was made possible by the XDA forum member zdzihu. This essentially allows flashing custom kernels on the device. It was achieved by using the kexec miniloader method. Now at the time of this writing developers are hard at work on custom kernels to increase the Read More >

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