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Amazon Kindle Fire had an amazing holiday season with millions of units in sale bringing it to be most successful Android tablet only second to the mighty iPad series from Apple in overall standings. Of course, a lot of this can be attributed to the strong marketing, publicity and hype buildup from Amazon but the fact cannot be denied that Kindle Fire is one heck of a tablet for just $199 that you need to shell out to get your hand on it. You get a powerful 7-inch Android tablet with tightly integrated Amazon echo system with dual-core SoC under Read More >


Kindle Fire is one of the hottest Android tablets available currently available providing some of the best value for the money for the consumers looking for cheap yet powerful and capable Android tablet. Particularly those that are not willing to spend a fortune on the Apple iPad 2 or simply want something in the Android arena. Only available for $200 Kindle Fire is already selling like hot cakes although it has been said that Amazon is losing few dollars for each Kindle Fire that is sold. Its because manufacturing cost for it is slightly higher than the price-point at which Read More >

Kindle Fire vs Nook Tablet

Amazon Kindle Fire is now available for quite some time and not doubt has gained a lot of love from Android users that needed an inexpensive yet full functional feature-rich tablet. Kindle Fire is an amazing dual-core tablet at a rather unbelievable price-point of $200. In fact, according to some recent reports it has become THE best sold Android tablet and overall second only to the industry benchmark Apple iPad. This really tells something to us – that users love quality tablets that cut minimal corners to meet the low price-points. No wonder that such a low price point for Read More >


Kindle Fire is a cheap tablet released by Amazon and is in fact one of the lowest priced Android tablets that you can get these days. Its available only for $199. While the screen size is only 7-inch and might be on the small side for some people’s taste but you can’t really complain for a full-fledged tablet that costs so less that comes packed with a dual-core SoC. One of the problems for this tablet is that its so tightly integrated with Amazon echo-system. Many users will prefer the more open feel of the traditional tablets from Asus, Samsung Read More >


Last week, we brought you a number of interesting guides relating to the new kid on the block in the tablet market – namely Kindle Fire. One of the cheapest tablets around with the dual-core processor and all the rest of the key features that you might expect from a modern Android tablet. Coming back to the topic in our previous guides we reported a simple method that allows to side-load (install) android apps without rooting the Kindle tablet. Later we provided a simple guide for rooting the Kindle Fire using the SuperOneClick. Rooting gives you much more freedom in Read More >


Yesterday, we brought you a simple method to run almost any Android app on your newly acquired Kindle Fire and also listed the currently known list of Android apps that seems to work well with Kindle Fire. No doubt that Kindle Fire is generating so much hype these days, first official tablet from Amazon that marks its entry in to a market that has traditionally been dominated by the likes of iPad. Kindle Fire does have a few tricks up its sleeves including the significantly lower price as compared to the iPad 2 and in fact can be considered as Read More >


As in the previous article we reported a simple method to install almost any Android app on your shiny new Kindle Fire. Just have a look at that article if you happen to own a Kindle Fire or expect to buy it in the near future as the procedure is rather simple to follow. If you are wondering that which Android apps are compatible with the Kindle Fire and work with no issues or minimal issues? We don’t have the exhaustive list but PC Mag has listed some of the apps that do work without issues according to their testing. Read More >

Kindle Fire

As you might know that Amazon has just released the Kindle Fire a cheap Android based tablet a few days back. Main selling point for the Kindle Fire is of course its price-point as its available for $199 and includes all the essential features of an Android tablet, although the 7-inch screen size might be too small for some peoples liking to consider it. Sales for the Kindle Fire also seems to be going pretty strong at least as compared to many other Android based tablets. No wonder its the first note worthy and cheap Android tablet option since the Read More >


You might remember that the last month we told you about the strong hints that are pointing towards the release of an Amazon powered low cost tablet in the near future. Well these rumors turned out to be true for sure as now we know that Amazon has announced the Kindle Fire – an amazing dual-core tablet at a rather unbelievable price point of $200. According to some online reports there is a very strong demand for the Kindle Fire ahead of the actual availability. And this makes sense considering the specs of the tablet and the price point its Read More >

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