Windows 8

These days Windows 8 heat is all around the place on the Internet as Microsoft recently unveiled the Windows 8 developer preview build, and the availability of free download for everyone to get a personal look at the current state of the Windows 8 has worked as an icing on the cake. As you know already one of the most promoted aspects of the Windows 8 is the significantly enhanced GUI for use as a tablet OS. In particular, I am talking about the Metro interface in the Windows 8 that we have got enough of by now. Another, notable Read More >

Windows 8

Earlier today Microsoft demonstrated the newest build features of the Windows 8 to the developers as well as the set of developer tools at the BUILD conference. Microsoft also announced that official Windows 8 developer preview will be available as a free download for everyone to download on You will need Windows Live ID to download it though. There is also no activation required to install and use the Windows 8 developer preview. Its also reported that Microsoft will bring the regular updates for example for the drivers, bugs and other fixes as the development will progress. So, if Read More >


HTC HD2 is one of THE most popular devices ever created by HTC, and is considered by many as the hackers/system tweakers paradise as there are all kinds of different OS already ported and ready to be installed on this now aging (but still popular) device; these includes Windows Phone 7 (WP7), Android, Linux ports among others. And not to mention countless other tweaks and optimizations available online for the HTC HD2. Now an XDA forum member Cotulla has come up with an interesting but useful hack for the HTC HD2 that allows to use the device as a USB Read More >

Sea Ray

A leaked video coming straight from China shows some early views of the Sea Ray – Windows Phone 7.5 Mango based Nokia’s smartphone. Presumably it supports a 4inch screen covered by the Gorilla glass, micro USB port and three touch buttons on the front side. Sea Ray is also expected to support Carl Zeiss lens and  LED flash. The video embedded below also shows a quick tour of the Windows Phone Mango running on the device in addition to quick look at the device itself. [via]


Ok this is one heck of a deal brought in by Microsoft to speedup or bring some momentum to the otherwise slowing PC sales market. Basic idea by Microsoft is that if you are a student and have a .edu domain email address (or a valid student ID card to verify), reside in US and buy a Windows 7 PC, you can get a free Xbox 360 Slim 4GB console for free! This promotion will start from tomorrow (May 22nd) and will end on September 3rd or until supplies last. BTW Retail price for the Xbox 360 Slim 4GB otherwise Read More >


Earlier we reported about a new tool called Windows 8 tweaker that allowed to enable many disabled/hidden options in an older Windows 8 build that was leaked to the Internet. But now according to some reports this tool might not work properly with the latest leaked builds of the Windows 8. But that’s not a problem because now the users that are testing the latest leaked build of Windows 8 can use a tool called NoPill that allows to enable all hidden features in the Windows 8! Here is the list of feature that can enabled by the NoPill: Activation, Read More >


Many of us don’t have enough spare money to spend on very expensive Mac based systems (including myself). So, these users usually go with Windows based machine as they are much more affordable. Another reason for users opting for Windows path is of course the huge amount of software that is available for MS Windows based systems. If you are one of these many Windows users you might still be interested to get the look & feel of Apple’s latest & greatest Mac OS X Lion in your Windows 7 system. It is now possible and simpler than ever before Read More >


Well, it seems to be a screensavers day at Inspired Geek…. We covered a simple video screensaver for Windows earlier, and now time for a screensaver based on the Windows 8 logon screen! It provides a number of options for the customization including an alarm clock. Here are some features of the Windows 8 Logon Screen Clock Screensaver as mentioned by the developer: •Easy Install/Uninstall with option to auto apply Screensaver and load settings.Themes for Background\Font Color\Time&Date Background. •Transparency settings for normal use. Transparency not supported for screensavers on Logon Screen and non-transparency will be used. •Displays Time\Date and Day Read More >


If you are tired of the low screen sensitivity on your otherwise very nice Windows mobile device? Then you can rejoice as olyloh6696 from the XDA developers forum has posted some guideline to increase the screen sensitivity of a Windows mobile device to the maximum allowed pressure point. It involves some registry changes on the device after which your device will require much lighter pressure/touch to register the same changes than before. Note that this tweak is potentially risky and you may end-up failing your device! Follow the instructions posted here at your own responsibility! Here is the method according Read More >


Since the time Windows 8 has leaked to the Internet there is a lot of information coming our way about new features that Microsoft is planning to bake in the stable builds of the Windows 8. Previously we have reported on the integration of the built-in PDF reading capabilities in Windows 8 as well as the use of ribbon based user interface to be employed now system-wide. We also mentioned that latest OS from Microsoft is expected to include a built-in webcam capture application. We also looked at an interesting new feature called Portable Workspace in Windows 8 that will Read More >

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