Jailbreak community for the iPhone and other iDevices is pumping out new and innovative hacks at a a brisk pace. But this latest one from the guys at iPhoneIslam takes the cake for sure. Actually these are the same guys that released the FaceIt3GS app to enable FaceTime on iPhone 3GS. Now, iPad seems to be there focal point. They teased with a clever new hack on their blog that allows to convert any jailbroken iPad 3G in to fully functional phone; you can say very similar to the iPhone but only with a much larger 9.7 inch screen! They Read More >


Well, these days Apple in general, and anything related to iDevices in particularly is in full swing in terms of popularity. All of us no doubt have heard stories of developers that made millions by selling their iPhone based games in the Apple App store. And many of us fancy to be one of them. Of course, there is no harm to try. Although, iPhone application market in general and game market in particular is far more saturated and competitive than the good old days. This is mainly because there are thousands of thousands of games available for a very Read More >


DropVox is a nice little application for the iOS devices including iPhone that allows to record voice memos directly to your cloud storage on Dropbox. This can come handy in case you want to access these voice memos on your another computer, or just want to share them with some other person. After the installation DropVox will link the application to your Dropbox account, and after that anything recorded by hitting the big red button will be recorded and saved directly to a folder DropVox created in the root of your Dropbox folder. M4A extension is used to save the Read More >

Wi-Fi Sync

If you ever felt frustrated or annoyed with the need of connecting USB data cable to your computer and iPhone (or any other iOS device) and then sync the phone data to iTunes? If yes then I should tell you that you are in a treat with a new Cydia store application that allows to wirelessly synchronize your iOS devices and iTunes (on Windows or Mac) either over Wi-Fi or 3G! Well, if you sync your iOS device much less frequently say once a week then this application might not be as useful but for the others that do this Read More >


There is a lot of buzz going on the Internet that Apple is considering to go with a 4 inch screen for the upcoming iPhone 5 rather than more typical 3.x screen as we are used to see from Apple. Reason for this is said to be the strong competition from the Android based devices. As you know Android is growing very rapidly in the smartphone space and you can find the Android smartphones with a large variety of screen sizes including some of the more luxurious and multimedia oriented ones coming with the 4 inches or even bigger screens. Read More >


Microsoft  has made a slew of very juicy announcements about the future of WP7 in a press release at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. One of the new additions as we were expecting to the WP7 will be the introduction of the copy & paste feature. According to Microsoft it should appear in the next major release of the Windows Phone 7. Probably in March that is not that far. Additionally there will be introduction of multi-tasking support for the third party applications in the later part of the year. Although there are no technical details about the nature Read More >

iphone unlock

As by now you might already know that Chronic DevTeam has released the updated Greenpois0n jailbreaking tool that allows to do untethered jailbreak for the iPhone on iOS 4.2.1. However one problem that some iPhone users may notice is that it requires to restore to the stock iOS 4.2.1 firmware before the new tool Greenpoins0n can do it’s magic. However, in the process when users restore the stock firmware their baseband version on the iPhone 4 will also be upgraded essentially loosing the ability to unlock it! To resolve this TinyUmbrella can help. So, here are the instructions using the Read More >

LG Optimus 3D

LG has confirmed it’s plans to release the LG Optimus 3D world’s first 3D smartphone to be released on February 14 (at Mobile World Congress). Phone will support glasses free 3D screen display in addition to the 3D video via the dual lens support. In addition, according to some other juicy details it should be supporting dual core processor, multichannel RAM. It will also support DLNA, HDMI output and seems to have a front-facing camera in addition to the rear-facing camera. As you can see the specification really are representative of a high end phone in current smartphone market. Although, Read More >


As you might know that latest beta 3 of the iOS 4.3 has been seeded to the developers. It apparently seems that there is not any noticeable new feature for the users unfortunately. iOS Beta 3 still has support for the multi-touch gestures but this feature is unlikely to make it to the final release as reported earlier. Now AppAdvice is reporting that there is indeed a nice new feature in to the iOS 4.3 beta 3 that allows to cancel the current application download. Basically you just need to bring the icon arrangement mode (“Wiggle mode”) and from there Read More >


Google has designed its immensely popular mobile OS Android to run on ARM based devices that are mostly used in the mobile arena. However, it don’t prevents some geeks out there to play around with the code and recompile the source code to run on x86 computers where Windows is so dominant these days. We have already seen the earlier versions of the Android to be ported to the x86 and the latest target was the newly released Gingerbread that has been successfully ported to the x86 architecture based computers.This build currently has broken Wi-Fi and sound functionality but otherwise Read More >

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