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Earlier, we heard the news that Apple acknowledged serious battery draining issues related to the iOS 5 and now it has been revealed that a new iOS 5.0.1 beta has been pushed to the developers. So, probably in a couple of weeks this new iOS 5.0.1 release should be available to the all iDevice users such as iPhone 4S/4 and 3GS etc. Among the changes that has been known so far is the fix of issues related to the battery draining and iCloud related bugs. But most important news for the iPad 1 users is that now iOS 5.0.1 enables Read More >


As you know that Apple has for some reason disabled the very useful Multitasking gestures in newly released iOS 5 for the iPad 1. For now, they are only available for the iPad 2 users who can access it without problem. It was the case right from the start when Apple started to push out the iOS 5 betas for the developers. At that time, we reported a way to turn them back on the iPad 1 with the iOS 5 installed and jailbroken. But more recently, after the release of the iOS 5 we reported that still multitasking gestures Read More >

Multitasking Gestures in iOS 5

If you remember, some time ago when iOS 5 was revealed by Apple in the form of beta software for testing by developers before the final release we mentioned the fact that Apple has blocked the iOS 5 multi-touch gestures in original iPad 1 because this was always an experimental feature. We also mentioned a quick fix to enable the multi-tasking gestures on the iPad 1 if you are jailbroken on iPad 1 with the iOS 5. Now there are some reports that the same is also true for the final version of the iOS 5, and multi-tasking gestures are Read More >


From some sources on the Internet, news is coming that Apple has removed the multi-touch (multitasking) gestures from the newly released iOS 5 for the iPad 1 users. So, they are now available only for the iPad 2 users. Multi-touch gestures include the 4 or 5 finger gestures to return to the Home screen, swiping between the running apps or revealing the taskbar – all by using the 4 or 5 five finger gestures. However, if you are on the iPad 1 with the iOS 5 beta installed, you still have hope to enable them. Method to enable multi-touch or Read More >

Multi-Touch Gestures

iPad 2 is available to the general public for purchase from March 11th. However, there is one very neat feature that Apple is hiding underneath the iOS 4.3 both for the old and new iPad 2 and that is the multi-tasking (multi-touch) gestures that are buried down-under in the iOS 4.3. They are not visible and so can’t even be enabled by default. We are expecting based on some reports that these might be enabled in the upcoming iOS 5.0 as we mentioned before. We have already told you on how to enable them if you are using the iOS Read More >


If you decided to tinker around with the newly released iOS 4.3 GM then you might be interested in a tweak that allows to enable multi-touch gestures on iPhone 4. We already reported that iOS 4.3 includes multi-touch gesture functionality but Apple is not planning to introduce it in iOS 4.3. Probably they will be introduced in iOS 5.0. So, here is the procedure: 1. First of course you need to have jailbroken iPhone 4. Look at the following article that we posted earlier. 2. SSH in to your iPhone and browse to 3. Open N90.plist plist with a Read More >


iOS 4.3 beta 2 has recently been seeded to developers and one of the new features spotted in new releases of the iOS 4.3 betas is the introduction of the multitouch gestures for the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. A YouTube has surfaced recently that demonstrates these multitouch gestures on iPhone 3GS. This video is linked below: However Apple as already made it clear that these multitouch gesture will not see the light of the day for the iPad and probably for iPhone too in the final release of the iOS 4.3 (probably they will come in some other future Read More >

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