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Nook Color has to be one of the most popular tablets of the yester years long before we were hit by the awesome Kindle Fire. It was quick hit with the system tweakers and modders after its release, and since then we have seen a plethora of custom Android ROM installation guides ranging from Gingerbread, MIUI, CyanogenMod among other ROM and not to mention many system and performance tweaks. Although, more recently our beloved single-core and underpowered Nook Color has been overshadowed by the more recent competition – e.g. release of Kindle Fire which is dual-core and is available at Read More >


If you have rooted your Nook Color then there are a number of useful launchers available in the Google Android Market. Some of them including the Zeam and Launcher Pro. Home Switcher and Home Switcher Froyo are nice apps available that easily allow to switch back and forth between the launchers at the execution or permanently to the nook Color’s stock launcher. This is the easiest way to replace the default NookColor launcher. Here are some features of the Home Switcher: – find all Home apps installed in your phone – set/change your default Home app – launch each Home Read More >


Previously we brought you a detailed guide on rooting the Nook Color 1.2. Since then some further development has taken place and B&N has released a new 1.3 firmware for the Nook Color. And here is the updated guide for rooting this 1.3 firmware on the Nook Color. Note that apart from rooting this method also installs GApps and Market. Although there are still some issues here & there so keep them in mind (take a look in the issues section). Here is the step by step method to root your Nook Color on 1.3 (all credit goes to the Read More >


We all know and love the Nook Color from the B&N which has become extremely popular in the past and still is because of a number of reasons. But most important reason include a decent hardware packed in to a sleek 7-inch tablet for a very low price of around $250. And the other important thing going for it is the insane amount of rooting, customization etc. possibilities available for the Nook Color from the developers community to transform it to an ultimate Android powered tablet. If you look at the Nook Color section on our website you will see Read More >


MIUI is a customized version of the Android, developed originally by some Chinese developers aimed at the Chinese market. Originally it was only available for a handful of devices including the HTC Desire, but since then has been ported to many more with the English translated versions. It has been available both in Froyo (Android 2.2) and Gingerbread (Android 2.3) flavors. From the last few months interest in this heavily customized build of Android has grown considerably. Now there are ports available for many popular device including HTC Desire, HTC Desire HD, Motorola Droid, HTC HD2, HTC DesireZ, Samsung Galaxy Read More >


If you are trying to run the Netflix on your Nook Color then this is a God send. An application developed by the XDA forum member brianf21 for the CM7 (CyanogenMod 7) users. It will update the /system/build.prop file on your Nook Color. More specifically it changes the ro.product.manufacturer=bn to ro.product.manufacturer=HTC. It also allows to revert the change. Device must be rebooted for the change to take effect. SDCard users might have to update the Busybox in order to make it work. You can download this app called Nook Odds and Ends.apk from here. Actually its essentially a script wrapped Read More >

Nook Color Tweaks 1

Nook Color Tweaks is free application available from the Android market specifically for the rooted Nook Color running the CM7 kernel(nightly 88+) or Dalingrin’s OC kernel. Its an easy way to enable a number of very useful tweaks on your rooted Nook Color namely easy overclocking of the device to 1.3 GHz and above!, boost the speaker volume and reduce the hiss and noise of the headphones. Here are the features of the App in more detail as provided by the developer: *CPU speed per stepping. Allows you to overclock as much or as little as you want. *Headphone analog Read More >

Flash Drive (U3)

Well, its not exactly something new but I only noticed it recently that xboxexpert from XDA forums has provided the Nookcolor USB drivers, and drivers for other components of the device to properly install and setup ADB in Windows (Windows XP, Vista, 7). Drivers are around 6MB in size. You can get the USB drivers file here. During Nookcolor setup you need to use the provided drivers. In the attached zip file a .bat file is present (after extraction) that you need to run and will provide all the instructions. Contents from the .bat file are also embedded below: @echo Read More >


Notion Ink Adam tablet may not have received the rave reviews as the Bangalore based company might have expected, but there is no denying that some of the apps included in the tablet were innovative and didn’t follow the crowd. gojimi from the XDA forum has spent some time and ported some of those nice apps from the tablet to the Viewsonic G Tablet and providing us the download links. According to him they should work with any ROM. A lot of apps are actually included including the calculator, email, Notion Ink Colander, Canvas App etc. Here are the apps Read More >


Every now and then I come across some very nice tips for our beloved Nook Color by the XDA forum members as well as the users there. Now for today there is another one! Just caught a nice tip on a thread on speeding up or reducing the Nook Color boot up time by disabling the boot animation. According to the johnopsec if the boot animation is disabled then Nook Color can boot about 6 seconds faster! Now to disable the boot animation is not that difficult as far as you have rooted your Nook Color. If you are not Read More >

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