If you have some PDF files from which you want to extract some text, its not difficult to do in general because text to be extracted can be selected and then pasted in a text editor. But what if the PDF file in question is password protected? In that case, it might be much more difficult unless you know the password of the files in question. Free PDF to Text Converter as its name implies is a free small tool for Windows that allows to perform this task. You can extract the text from a PDF file no matter if Read More >


One of the biggest issues that comes associated with the new generation of smartphones including iPhone is the privacy. This stems from the fact it is a “smartphone”, and you can do a lot more with it than your typical mobile phone functionality. This implies that many of you also have sensitive data stored on the phone, including personal information, adult content or some other stuff that you don’t want to share with someone that happens to pick your phone maybe to just to make a quick phone call. Unfortunately, there is no built-in iOS functionality provided by the Apple Read More >

Amazingly, it is only a few days back that I had written about Protect Exe, a utility that allowed to encrypt executable files and today I have found another one which is much far better in terms of features, flexibility, convenience and reliability. The main limitation of that utility was that it only allowed to encrypt executable files but not everyone is interested in just encrypting exe files, as some also want to encrypt pictures, movie clip, documents and other type of files. File encryption utility that I am talking about is called AxCrypt. It is open-source, so you can Read More >

I have already written on how to modify PDF documents (add comments, notes, highlight text and stamp etc.) but what if you want to simply explode a PDF document (split each page of the PDF file in to separate PDF file), collate/combine, split or rotate documents? A good scenario could be for example when removing advertisement pages from a PDF magazine for example or you may want to combine a number of related PDF documents in to one. And what if you want to password protect the document? There are numerous other scenarios where a utility might be helpful that Read More >

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