Samsung Galaxy Nexus is actually considered as a showcase smartphone to show the capabilities of the new Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich capabilities in its stock glory without the added layers of GUI that we usually expect from other Android manufacturers on their phones, for instance HTC Sense and TouchWiz. US customers are while still anxiously waiting for this first ICS device but as you might know that Samsung Galaxy Nexus has already been released in UK. It didn’t take much time for the first performance benchmarks of the device to appear online and its comparisons to the current crop if Read More >


Tegra 2 SoC brought major success for NVidia and allowed it to enter and gain market share in the highly competitive mobile CPU+GPU SoC market. In fact, its so popular that until recently we used to see some android devices released based on Tegra 2 chipset. Earlier, in this year there were even some rumors floating around that Samsung might release a version of the Galaxy S2 with the Tegra 2 chipset for some markets. Although, it didn’t turn out to be true. NVidia has now moved on to its successor called Tegra 3 (Kal-E1). It was expected earlier that Read More >


As many of you might have already noticed that unlike iOS most of the apps in the Android are free but ad supported. Which is quite fine but some times some nasty apps show excessive number of ads, and some of them are very annoying to say the least. Also a big issue is that when you visit the Web browser either stock or a 3rd party, you are again greeted with a plethora of ads which really hurt the user experience on the mobile as well wastes the precious bandwidth for users on 3G network. And to put icing Read More >


If you buy a new Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) there is of course a lot of bloat installed on it, mostly in the form of Samsung Apps such as Music Hub , Games Hub and so on, that are not that much useful, and for the most pre-installed apps you can find better alternatives in the Android Market. However, despite all the bloat still there is no denying that this smartphone with the stock firmware and kernel feel very fast and responsive mostly because of the powerful CPU+GPU combination as well as the speed improvements in the Android 2.3 Gingerbread Read More >


We have heard a lot of praise about the wireless syncing feature in the iOS 5 the way it allows to seamlessly and wirelessly sync all the music, apps, movies and other data between your iPhone/iPad and iTunes on the PC. As we mentioned before that this feature indeed has been borrowed from a paid Cydia app although it has to be said that Apple implementation is more polished and works more seamlessly. There are a number advantages to the Wi-Fi Syncing as compared to the traditional data syncing with the iTunes using the USB cable. First main advantage is Read More >


You might remember that the last month we told you about the strong hints that are pointing towards the release of an Amazon powered low cost tablet in the near future. Well these rumors turned out to be true for sure as now we know that Amazon has announced the Kindle Fire – an amazing dual-core tablet at a rather unbelievable price point of $200. According to some online reports there is a very strong demand for the Kindle Fire ahead of the actual availability. And this makes sense considering the specs of the tablet and the price point its Read More >

Windows 8

These days Windows 8 heat is all around the place on the Internet as Microsoft recently unveiled the Windows 8 developer preview build, and the availability of free download for everyone to get a personal look at the current state of the Windows 8 has worked as an icing on the cake. As you know already one of the most promoted aspects of the Windows 8 is the significantly enhanced GUI for use as a tablet OS. In particular, I am talking about the Metro interface in the Windows 8 that we have got enough of by now. Another, notable Read More >


We have been hearing a lot about the NVIDIA Tegra 3 SOC for quite some time now. NVIDIA has managed to generate a lot of hype around the possible performance prospects of its upcoming high-end processor. Of course, the main pitching point form NVIDIA is about the quad core capability of the processor, and as much as 5X performance increment as compared to the current Tegra 2 processors which had BTW became very popular, and also is integrated in countless recent smartphones and tablets from different Android hardware vendors released this year. Forbes has recently reported based on an interview Read More >


Samsung has just recently spilled out the hot information about the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note including the specs, and some sources have also got the chance to do a hand-on with this amazing device. As we mentioned in our recent article on the detailed comparison of the Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy S2 this device supports really pumped up specs and a gigantic screen size of 5.3-inch and according to some online sources screen based on the well known Super AMOLED technology is one of the best ever put in a mobile device so far by Samsung. Add Read More >


Many of us using the SD cards with our Android devices are not satisfied with the reading speeds. This is particularly true when you compare the slow speeds achieved with in the Android OS on your phone compared to the blisteringly fast speed achieved when the same SD card is connected to your Windows machine! So, what I am trying to say is that, although the inherent speed offered by the SD card is important but in most cases if you are using these SD cards with the Android based devices – actually your mobile OS (in this case Android) Read More >

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