Camera ICS is an interesting and very useful application available on Google Play that you can get for free. A paid version named Camera ICS+ is also available that is Ad free but I guess free version should serve the purpose for most people. Apparently this app is basically a direct rip of the AOSP version of the camera app from the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. So it supports all the interesting features that are available in the AOSP Android 4.0.3 flavor. It also means that this is most useful for the devices which don’t have stock ICS camera app Read More >

Kindle Fire vs Nook Tablet

Amazon Kindle Fire is now available for quite some time and not doubt has gained a lot of love from Android users that needed an inexpensive yet full functional feature-rich tablet. Kindle Fire is an amazing dual-core tablet at a rather unbelievable price-point of $200. In fact, according to some recent reports it has become THE best sold Android tablet and overall second only to the industry benchmark Apple iPad. This really tells something to us – that users love quality tablets that cut minimal corners to meet the low price-points. No wonder that such a low price point for Read More >


Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) was unveiled by Google in a media event in Hong Kong yesterday together with Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It is a major new release since the Android 3.0 Honeycomb release which was intended only for tablets. This was a highly anticipated release and Google didn’t disappoint its users with some impressive new features in ICS. Some of these features we already speculated and covered here and some of them we got to know just yesterday from this media event from Google and Samsung.  Here we are going to review most important new features in the Ice Read More >

iOS 5 Features

Apple unveiled the long awaited iOS 5 back at WWDC 2011 this year. But its only now that finally iOS 5 is going to be released to the public after a long line of betas to make the final release bug free. And of course what better combination it could be – an iPhone 4S pre-loaded with iOS 5! This is because it’s a major new release and includes a large set of new features. According to Apple iOS 5 includes 200 new features as compared to the previous release! Here, we will give you a brief round-up of the Read More >

iPhone 4S-

As we all know that iPhone 4S introduction was a rather incremental release than a revolutionary one. However, from a high level iPhone 4S did include include two major features (from a hardware perspective) that sets it apart from the last gen iPhone 4. One of them is new significantly improved camera and another of course is the inclusion of major speed bump by the integration of the A5 SoC inherited from the iPad 2. We will talk about the performance and features of the A5 chip in an upcoming article but for now I want to draw your attention Read More >


Yesterday, we reported about the release of developer preview of the Windows 8 Officially from Microsoft through the website download link. Included are both 32bit and 64bit versions of the Windows 8 (ISO files). If you haven’t yet grabbed your copy then do it now as the download link is now live! There are countless small and large Windows 8 features that we came to know in last couple of months and now yesterday they were demonstrated on more detail on the BUILD conference by Microsoft. This includes the all new Metro UI that seems to be specifically targeted at Read More >


As we have seen a rapid increase in the use of iPhone camera by it’s users to take photos and even capture some quick video clips, on some special occasion, or just when going outside for a fun party etc. In that sense, iPhone camera has replaced the traditional point & shoot cameras that people used to carry around. There are mainly two reasons for this trend. First iPhone is lightweight and easier carry around than most other dedicated point&shoot cameras (and of course it is a smartphone also!). While the second reason I think is that the recent iPhone Read More >


A few days back we reported that Hard Cops: Uprising is available in the Xbox Live Arcade. It is basically a true run-and-gun game featuring two modes: Rising and Arcade. Rising mode features health bars and purchasable upgrades. Arcade is a mode for hardcore fans which removes these two thing. The game is developed by Arc System Works and published by Konami. Many of you might remember the Contra series from childhood days! According to the GameTrailers review this is faithful return of the franchise, comes with some cheesy sprites and animations, action seems to be pretty fast and according Read More >

Game Booster 2

Game Booster is one of the popular shareware tools by the IObit software, that allows to play games on your Windows PC with the maximum possible speed by making a more efficient and optimized use of the resources. Basically software tweaks the use of the system resources such as CPU utilization and system memory. This is done by disabling many of the Windows services and processes that are not important when playing games which helps to reduce the CPU cycle usage by the background services, and also reduce the memory consumption. Most of these tweaks may bring performance improvement that Read More >


A new review for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play has been posted in the press. As many of you will already know, Xperia Play is the rumored “PlayStation Phone” which is due for a UK release in April. The reviewer has touted the Xperia Play as a ‘great phone and gaming device’ which made ‘all his dreams come true.’ It appears that there was only minimal lag while playing Asphalt, and otherwise it provided a slick experience with excellent display. The reviewer also liked the tight controls with the lay out of buttons and d-pad. Xperia will most likely act Read More >

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