Samsung Galaxy S 4


Many Samsung Galaxy Android devices store an internal counter to track the unofficial firmware, kernel flashes etc. on your device. For example if you install a custom firmware then a visual large triangle is shown on the startup of the device booting and nagging you. Triangle Away is an application that is built specifically to disable the yellow warning triangle by resetting the flash counter on your Samsung Galaxy Android devices. We have already covered it here in the past but apparently in the latest versions of the app such as Triangle Away 3.01 most variant of the Samsung Galaxy Read More >


Many Android devices have a several storage options for example in addition to the small internal built-in storage users can also insert SD cards with extra capacity. This is in contrast to Apple mobile devices like iPhone and iPad where users are stuck with the internal storage to save different games, apps and video data. There is no option for expandability in Apple devices (at least so far). If you have Samsung Galaxy S4 or some other Android device where you are running short on internal storage capacity due to the installation of large apps, games data or videos for Read More >


It is possible to enable USB mass storage mode on Samsung Galaxy S4 using an app called SG USB Mass Storage Enabler which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free. This app exports you micro SD card as mass storage device and it works with all different variants of the Galaxy S4 such as LTE version (i9505) and international octa core variant (i9500). A user after the installation can also create a shortcut to quickly enable or disable the function. Please note that this do not work with the internal memory of the phone due to system Read More >


Here is one of the simplest methods to root the Samsung Galaxy S4 on the stock firmware using the CF-Auto-Root flashing using the Odin. Note that his method keeps the device as close to stock as possible while still rooting the device by installing the Super SU. Note that this method do not installs custom recovery although stock recovery is still installed by this method. Furthermore its very important to note that rooting guide is intended for the GT-I9505 variant of the Galaxy S4 (LTE version) and NOT for the international GT-I9500 Exynos Octa-core variant of Galaxy S4. Rooting procedure Read More >

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