Setting appropriate privacy levels on multiple computers while syncing data on Dropbox can get quite complicated. Having been a Sys-admin myself for a lot of years, experience has taught me never to underestimate the chance of a privacy breach when it comes to data. Even by protecting important ‘eyes only’ information by placing it on a system that isn’t connected to the network, people tend to forget one basic fact- the system administrator is all powerful! It only makes sense therefore, to use flash drives to store important data and use it only when required. Resolving the crisis Dropbox Portable Read More >


As we have seen from past couple of releases Mozilla rapid release cycle for pushing out new browser versions of its popular Firefox web browser is in full swing. This trend continues as now Mozilla has just pushed the Firefox 7 out of the window. But if its worth to download and install the new Firefox 7 you might ask! Well, according to the Mozilla release notes there are indeed some major improvements in this version as compared to the Firefox 6. This is in contrast to the previous releases namely Firefox 5 and 6 which were only incremental improvements Read More >


After you format your PC to get rid of some stubborn virus or simply perform some major hardware modifications on your computer, a reinstall of your operating system is usually needed which requires you to re-enter the product activation key. However, due to the ongoing Microsoft Genuine Software Initiative to control piracy, the number of times you can enter the key has been limited to 10. This is done in order to forestall any fraudulent installations. Now this can be a serious cause of despair for those who have purchased genuine Windows Vista or Windows 7 and require frequent formats. Read More >


Yesterday, we reported about the release of developer preview of the Windows 8 Officially from Microsoft through the website download link. Included are both 32bit and 64bit versions of the Windows 8 (ISO files). If you haven’t yet grabbed your copy then do it now as the download link is now live! There are countless small and large Windows 8 features that we came to know in last couple of months and now yesterday they were demonstrated on more detail on the BUILD conference by Microsoft. This includes the all new Metro UI that seems to be specifically targeted at Read More >

Windows 8

Earlier today Microsoft demonstrated the newest build features of the Windows 8 to the developers as well as the set of developer tools at the BUILD conference. Microsoft also announced that official Windows 8 developer preview will be available as a free download for everyone to download on You will need Windows Live ID to download it though. There is also no activation required to install and use the Windows 8 developer preview. Its also reported that Microsoft will bring the regular updates for example for the drivers, bugs and other fixes as the development will progress. So, if Read More >


Earlier, we mentioned how you can convert and extract the text contents of a PDF file using a free and portable software. But what if you want to convert a PDF file to an HTML file say to publish it on the web, or transfer it to another system where no PDF reader is installed for reading? Well, Free PDF to HTML Converter from LotApps is the answer! Free PDF to HTML Converter  is free tool that allows to convert a single or multiple PDF documents to the HTML files in no time. Best of all, the layout of the Read More >


If you have some PDF files from which you want to extract some text, its not difficult to do in general because text to be extracted can be selected and then pasted in a text editor. But what if the PDF file in question is password protected? In that case, it might be much more difficult unless you know the password of the files in question. Free PDF to Text Converter as its name implies is a free small tool for Windows that allows to perform this task. You can extract the text from a PDF file no matter if Read More >


TaskBar Hider is an extremely simple utility for Windows that seems to have only one reason for existence, and that is to allow to hide and unhide/show the windows taskbar using a single hotkey. Despite its simplicity it works perfectly to handle the task for which it has been created. By default, the shortcut key is assigned to Win+X but that can be changed to your liking in the Setting panel. Only other notable option you have is about the automatic startup of the application on windows startup (if desired). If for whatever reason, you need to hide/unhide Windows taskbar Read More >


If you want to watch live sport events on your computer through the Internet you have many choices because there are a number of applications that you can download for free and allows to browse through the many live TV channels broadcasted from many countries. However, problem is you have to install an extra application. What if you want to watch a live sport event right from with in your web browser. Well, if you are on the Google Chrome then luckily there is a nice free extension available appropriately called Live Score that allows to browse and watch live Read More >


As expected, after running the Firefox 6 for some time through the beta channel Mozilla has finally pushed the final version of the browser through the FTP servers. I have been using the Firefox 6.o through the beta channel for quite some time. One of the most noticeable improvements that you will experience as a user is the startup/boot speed that has been significantly enhanced. As a result it takes much less time for the Firefox 6.0 to boot from a cold start. Also, due to the internal optimizations by the Mozilla team and filling-in some memory leak holes memory Read More >

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