One of the most visually appealing feature in Windows 8 is that Microsoft has extended the support for ribbon based interface from its Office products and other built-in Windows applications such as Paint to Windows Explorer. In my experience, user experience with ribbon based interface is really a love or hate affair for most users. But if you like the ribbon interface in Office 2007, 2010 etc. then I am sure you will like this in Windows Explorer as well. Only problem is that we are helpless if we want to have access to it right now on Windows 7 Read More >


As noted in some earlier articles, after feeling the heat from Google, massively popular online social networking website Facebook has started to take major as well as incremental steps to improve the website and add new features. One feature that has been covered extensively in the recent weeks is the inclusion of the new video chat system courtesy of the Skype service. Facebook developers also made visual changes to the interface and added annoying sidebar that lists all the contacts of the users no matter if they are offline, online or idle and presents a somewhat confusing intermingled view of Read More >


A while ago, we ran a feature on top ten free antivirus software for windows 7. If you remember, Avast ranked in the middle on that list. However, things have changed drastically for good for the Avast with the introduction of Avast 6. As in the previous beta release, Avast 6 features an interesting new feature called Sandbox. What that does is that if any content is suspicious, it will be run in sandbox, a protected environment, where no harm can be done to the OS or your precious data. This mode is really great if you have downloaded files Read More >


These days all the fuzz is about the Google+ a new social service in the same vein as Facebook. Although it has been just recently introduced, and for now seems to be available based on the invitations only, but it has already gained some following as some consider this to be more adoptable and usable for them than the Facebook. In any case competition is always good as now Facebook is also feeling the heat and has just recently introduced voice conversation facility right from the Facebook interface with the collaboration with Skype. However, with all the effort that Facebook Read More >


After the release of the long awaited Firefox 4 Mozilla has really pushed the full throttle button on the development of new versions of the Firefox. Soon afterwards Mozilla released the Firefox 5 which was more of an incremental improvement over the Firefox 4. And just recently Firefox 6 has entered the beta stage. Furthermore Mozilla has updated the Aurora channel to Firefox 7. Which basically means alpha versions of the browser that has gone through minimal testing. And finally there are now nightly builds of Firefox 8 available that you might want to try if you really want to Read More >


Google Books is very useful service for many users interested to find some information pertaining to some specific topic, in particular to the people that are involved in research. You can quickly search for some related information, and view the related content of the book online. Unfortunately one of the main limitations of this service is that Google doesn’t provide any way to download the book for offline use. Only you can view them in the web browser online. Google Books Downloader is a free application that attempts to resolve this problem. It provides a very simple mechanism to download Read More >

Tabs Always In Titlebar

One of the focus areas for many developers in the recent times for almost all of the major web browsers has been to find ways to minimize the use of vertical space that has traditionally been cluttered by the toolbars, bookmark bars, address bar and so on. Internet Explorer 9 is the recent example, just observe that how minimalistic is the GUI to maximize the vertical space available to show the currently open webpage. Firefox has also been following on the footsteps. In fact, in Firefox you can always customize the GUI and strip-off or move around some of the Read More >

USB Write Protect

Flash memory is getting cheaper & cheaper with each passing day, and no wonder that we can buy these flash drives with large amounts of capacity for very low prices these days. Now many years have actually passed since the USB flash drives have taken over the traditional floppy disks that we used to see in the good old days. And why not these USB flash drives offer higher capacity, speed and reliability (with no mechanical part). Surprisingly one features that USB flash drives have not inherited from floppy disks is the write protection switch that was actually a very Read More >


Firefox 5 has been released ahead of the schedule and final version of this popular browser can be download right now. Firefox 5 includes a number of incremental enhancements as compared to the Firefox 4.  Some of the new features include the CSS animations support, Do-Not-Track header preference that has been moved  to the privacy section for increased visibility. Another notable thing is Firefox development channel switcher that has been introduced in previous Firefox beta has been now removed. Probably it wasn’t that much utilized by users anyway. Most of the changes are actually lying under the hood, for example Read More >

File Expert 1

We have many file managers available for the Android OS. Many are available for free and work decently for the most part. And then there are much more feature rich file managers with advanced features such as the Root Explorer that is not for free. However, it supports many advanced features in particular if you have rooted your Android device. Many of these features are not available in the free file mangers that are available in the Android Market. At least not integrated in a single tool. But that was the situation only until I didn’t discover the File Expert! Read More >

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