It is possible to enable USB mass storage mode on Samsung Galaxy S4 using an app called SG USB Mass Storage Enabler which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free. This app exports you micro SD card as mass storage device and it works with all different variants of the Galaxy S4 such as LTE version (i9505) and international octa core variant (i9500). A user after the installation can also create a shortcut to quickly enable or disable the function. Please note that this do not work with the internal memory of the phone due to system Read More >


Well, I just found out that our beloved Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) already includes the required support for the USB 2 based On-The-Go (OTG) that basically means a user can connect the USB enabled storage devices for example USB flash drives, card readers etc. with the SGS2. However, keep in mind that power delivered by the Galaxy SII (S2) on the port is not very strong and cannot drive external USB HDDs unless they are powered by an external source. Also Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) don’t come bundled with a USB 2 OTG cable. So you have to order it Read More >


HTC HD2 is one of THE most popular devices ever created by HTC, and is considered by many as the hackers/system tweakers paradise as there are all kinds of different OS already ported and ready to be installed on this now aging (but still popular) device; these includes Windows Phone 7 (WP7), Android, Linux ports among others. And not to mention countless other tweaks and optimizations available online for the HTC HD2. Now an XDA forum member Cotulla has come up with an interesting but useful hack for the HTC HD2 that allows to use the device as a USB Read More >


Many of the people that are buying any of the new never ending wave of the tablets or smartphones Android devices might be interested to use their device as USB mass storage device as well. This will allow them to dump their USB sticks and use the storage of these device to copy the data and move around. We already shared with you the way of enabling the USB mass storage mode in Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) in Windows. Now just noticed that jhild352 has shared with us a tip on how to enable it for the new Samsung Galaxy Read More >

USB Write Protect

Flash memory is getting cheaper & cheaper with each passing day, and no wonder that we can buy these flash drives with large amounts of capacity for very low prices these days. Now many years have actually passed since the USB flash drives have taken over the traditional floppy disks that we used to see in the good old days. And why not these USB flash drives offer higher capacity, speed and reliability (with no mechanical part). Surprisingly one features that USB flash drives have not inherited from floppy disks is the write protection switch that was actually a very Read More >

Flash Drive (U3)

Well, its not exactly something new but I only noticed it recently that xboxexpert from XDA forums has provided the Nookcolor USB drivers, and drivers for other components of the device to properly install and setup ADB in Windows (Windows XP, Vista, 7). Drivers are around 6MB in size. You can get the USB drivers file here. During Nookcolor setup you need to use the provided drivers. In the attached zip file a .bat file is present (after extraction) that you need to run and will provide all the instructions. Contents from the .bat file are also embedded below: @echo Read More >


If you have run out of space on your iPhone or any other iDevice then normally there is no other option except to delete some of the existing data to make space for the new files. Problem is iDevices don’t allow to expand the memory via external SD Cards etc., a thing that is quite common on the Android based phones. However, a company Photo Fast is introducing an interesting solution called i-Flash Drive to satisfy all your extra memory requirements. i-Flash Drive allows to connect the external USB drives via device which is more of a USB dongle with Read More >


There is some great development out there on the Nook Color Android development front. An XDA forum member named verygreen has managed to build a custom kernel for the Nook Color that enables the USB host support! Actually kernel is based on the modified version of the famous dalingrin’s kernel. Furthermore, it assumes that you have already installed CM7 on your device. Basic process involves the installation/flashing of the modified kernel provided by the developer, and then the installation of the provided application to enable the USB host support. Then you need a kernel with usbhost enabled. I made a Read More >

Flash Drive (U3)

Samsung Galaxy S2(SII) can come pretty handy for transferring files from one computer to another without installing any software or drivers just like a USB drive, if one converts it to USB mass storage mode. In fact, this is not difficult to do at all, as we have two alternative methods to force the Samsung Galaxy S2(SII) to enter in USB mass storage mode after connecting to computer. Here you go: Method 1 -Enable usb debugging from Menu > Settings > Applications -return to home screen -plug usb cable in -pull down status bar -press ‘ connect usb storage’ button Read More >


We were hearing a lot rumors and looking at number of image leaks from the upcoming highly anticipated Microsoft Windows 8 for quite some time. We have already shed light on the integration of the built-in PDF reading capabilities in Windows 8 as well as the use of ribbon based user interface to be employed now system-wide (if early Windows 8 builds are any indication). But after the Windows 8 has leaked on the Internet there is a flurry of information coming our way about all kinds of new features that MS is planning to bake in the stable builds Read More >

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