If you want to share large files online through the Internet with your friends or relatives, one of the most popular ways is Dropbox. Dropbox allows to share 2GB data using its free account. Well for many users, sharing documents and images it might be enough, but what if you want to share large videos or some other huge data? Then Dropbox service will not cut it. Also, for the Dropbox you have to first register for the service and setup. Although, its true that Dropbox (or other similar services) is more suitable in some other scenarios such as when Read More >


Facebook recently introduced a brand new video chat feature to their service which uses the Skype infrastructure to do so. In relation to this big feature they also introduced a number of visual changes to the interface. One of the most notable is the introduction of the vertical sidebar on the right side in the main interface. It houses the list of all the contacts of the users that are currently available for chat, and can be very convenient fro the users that plan to use this feature extensively. However for the most other users this vertical sidebar may be Read More >


These days Google’s brain child Google+ – a social website considered by many as the direct competitor to the Facebook is making waves around the Internet. Currently the service is in trial testing and is evolving rather quickly both in terms of feature set and stability. We expect this evolution to continue in the coming months to put a threat to the already mature Facebook. Guys at the technobombs has come up with a  fairly detailed Infographic to compare the key features of the Facebook to the Google+ to expose the strengths and weaknesses of both products when compared to Read More >


Firefox 5 has been released ahead of the schedule and final version of this popular browser can be download right now. Firefox 5 includes a number of incremental enhancements as compared to the Firefox 4.  Some of the new features include the CSS animations support, Do-Not-Track header preference that has been moved  to the privacy section for increased visibility. Another notable thing is Firefox development channel switcher that has been introduced in previous Firefox beta has been now removed. Probably it wasn’t that much utilized by users anyway. Most of the changes are actually lying under the hood, for example Read More >


If you are on a wide-screen monitor (which I think is true for most users these days as almost all laptops as well as computer-screens are shipping with wide-screen aspect ratio, I am sure you noticed the these white space borders on left and right sides when viewing a webpage in any web browser. ON wide-screen monitors this space goes to a waste unless you use two or more website windows open side-by-side or alternatively you zoom in to the webpage to get rid of these side white-borders.        If you are using Google Chrome then Zoomy is a nice Read More >


Well, today Microsoft has released the Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 1 and is available for the immediate download. However note that Internet Explorer 10 is not yet ready for the primetime yet as this release is mainly aimed on the early adopters and the web developers so that they can get a glance of the direction of the future web technologies in worlds most popular web browser. Let’s hope that MS can continue the significant improvements that it originally started with the Internet Explorer 9 and extend it to Internet Explorer 10. Welcome to the Platform Preview The Platform Read More >

YouTube Bulk Player Mate

This is a typical scenarios that you are interested to watch videos related to a particular topic, and you go the YouTube and search for the related videos. But on the search results page you are interested in watching multiple videos. So, for that you will have to click on the first interesting result to view the video, and once you are finished you will go back then manually click on the next interested video that seems interesting, and so on. This manual task can become tedious quickly if you have to do it 3, 4 times or more. Enter Read More >

Disable All Extensions Plus

If you are hardcore Google Chrome fan then I am sure that you might have already heavily customized the browser with a lot of extensions that are available there. With Chrome gaining popularity among users, in parallel the extensions in the Chrome’s repository are also growing rapidly. Although, it still has a way to go before reaching the same level of variety and quantity of extensions that are available for the Firefox. But still in such a short time this is quite an impressive gain. A common scenario for the users that install a lot of extensions in Chrome (also Read More >


Microsoft has put significant effort in the development of their latest browser for Windows to reverse the fortunes and put a brake on the rapidly decreasing market share as compared to the two big guns in the Internet browser arena namely: Firefox and Google Chrome. If it does succeeds to reverse the fortunes for Microsoft or not ? – only time will tell, but one thing is for sure that they have introduced some desperately required feature in the latest release. Key new features include the extensive support for the HTML 5 standard, ability to pin the webpages to the Read More >

Windows Live

Although, from last couple of years Gmail has started to pick up the steam, and is now one of the most used email services in the world. However, Hotmail despite an apparent loss in it’s dominance from good old days is still pretty popular. Of course, if you have an iPhone it is not a problem to access your Gmail account there. Right? But interestingly many of the loyal Hotmail users don’t know they can also access their email on the iPhone. Actually, it is not that difficult to setup your hotmail account on the iPhone. As a bonus you Read More >

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