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Google Chromcast has been recently introduced by Google a small inexpensive device which plugs directly in to any free HDMI port on your home TV transforming any old TV to a smart TV allowing video streaming contents to be directly put to the large screen from a android or iOS tablet or simply a PC. Chromcast in many ways is direct response to the Airplay feature on iOS devices which has been available for quite some time now. But of course the drawback is that Airplay feature is tied to Apple ecosystem and also the Apple TV that is required Read More >


By now most of you already know about the latest version of the Android mobile OS by Google which is Ice Cream Sandwich. It comes loaded on the new Google branded Galaxy Nexus and is in fact one of the key selling point of this device. Now since the source code for the ICS has already been released so manufacturers are hard at work to port it to at least their latest devices. Although, as we reported in an article published today that despite active development don’t expect to witness official update before the first quarter of 2012. Although unofficial Read More >


After you format your PC to get rid of some stubborn virus or simply perform some major hardware modifications on your computer, a reinstall of your operating system is usually needed which requires you to re-enter the product activation key. However, due to the ongoing Microsoft Genuine Software Initiative to control piracy, the number of times you can enter the key has been limited to 10. This is done in order to forestall any fraudulent installations. Now this can be a serious cause of despair for those who have purchased genuine Windows Vista or Windows 7 and require frequent formats. Read More >


One of the most visually appealing feature in Windows 8 is that Microsoft has extended the support for ribbon based interface from its Office products and other built-in Windows applications such as Paint to Windows Explorer. In my experience, user experience with ribbon based interface is really a love or hate affair for most users. But if you like the ribbon interface in Office 2007, 2010 etc. then I am sure you will like this in Windows Explorer as well. Only problem is that we are helpless if we want to have access to it right now on Windows 7 Read More >


On the desktop front, most of us use the Windows 7 OS as the primary OS. There is still no luck for us to run the Windows 7 on our Android devices so far! However, you can enjoy the taste of the Windows 7 styled interface and theming complete with the boot animation, icons, a dock and clock on your now well known MIUI powered Android device by using the Windows 7 theme for the MIUI. Here is what it contains: – Bootanimation – Icons – Wallpaper – Lockscreen – Dock – Clock It comes courtesy of the XDA member Read More >


After Windows 8 leaked to the Internet there is a lot of info about new features that Microsoft will bring in the stable builds of the Windows 8. Previously we have reported on the integration of the built-in PDF reading capabilities in Windows 8 as well as the use of ribbon based user interface to be employed now system-wide. We also mentioned that latest OS from Microsoft is expected to include a built-in webcam capture application. We also looked at an interesting new feature called Portable Workspace in Windows 8 that will allow to run the OS from a thumb Read More >


Earlier we told you how to add Windows 8 user tile to Windows 7 taskbar? Discoveries about the new features coming in to Windows 8 continues. Well, still there is nothing earth shattering so far but now Rafael Rivera and Paul Thurrott reveals an other visually subtle but pleasing feature related to the Windows, taskbar and other GUI elements color. As we know Windows 7 already supports the new Personalization features but set of customization seems to be a bit limited. Microsoft has improved the Personalization interface a notch to allow the automatic colorization of the Start Menu, Windows Explorer Read More >


These days all kinds of images and features are leaking around the net for the upcoming highly anticipated Windows 8 OS from Microsoft. We have already shed light on the integration of the built-in PDF reading capabilities in Windows 8 as well as the use of ribbon based user interface to be employed now system-wide (if early Windows 8 builds are any indication). One of the features that was clearly visible in the very early leaked images of Windows 8 was use of a currently login user’s tile that was being displayed in the tray bar (far right of the Read More >


One of the many new features included in the Windows 7 was a vastly improved taskbar/superbar. One of the exciting features supported by the new revamped taskbar in Windows 7 is the ability to pin the items to taskbar. It can be very useful to quickly launch application without going through the start menu. However, if you have lot of favorite windows programs that you use regularly then you might attempt to pin all of them to the taskbar to have a quick access. As you will notice the taskbar becomes quite crowded/cluttered quickly say if you put a dozen Read More >

Windows 7 Taskbar Big Preview  2

Windows 7 was released with many great new features. Most of these fall in to the visual eye candy and refinements to the GUI to have a smoother experience for it’s users as compared to the Windows Vista. In particular, Windows 7 taskbar got a big bump in terms of new functionality. One of the new features was the introduction of the real-time taskbar preview for the running application with their buttons listed in the taskbar. Regarding this functionality a problem that many of the users might have noticed is that the default taskbar preview provided in Windows 7 is Read More >

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